Sock Machine Water Bottle Sling-Just for the Fun of It



I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to try a water bottle sling on the sock machine. Sock yarns are so colorful. Diamonte yarn I don’t think comes variegated. I could be wrong. However, if you don’t have a passap to use the other design you can just do ribbing like I did on this one. On the machine you can’t knit circular rib but sewing a seam up side is no big deal. Also, the fit it there because rib tends to pull in to snug up against the bottle.

This is thicker yarn than diamonte but on the sock machine it worked fine. I knitted 78 rows of 1×1 rib. Then I knitted 14 rows plain but should have only done 7 so the bottom would fit without the stockinette going up on the sides. No big deal there. Then I took out every other needle on the sock machine and knitted two rows. Then I took the work off on double pointed needles and did another row of decreases and 2 stockinette rows and took off with bodkin and gathered. Actually, the bottom looks nicer ….but who cares. lol

I did use the passap machine for the strap. I did a cord with 7 needles on the sock machine but I like the flat cord better.


  1. Richard Hanson Said:

    Thank you for sharing how to do this things.  Always look forward to your blog 🙂 Keep up the good work.  Hope hubby is doing better today and will be even better tomorrow.

    quiltldy Kathy   Kathy & Rick 

  2. Thank you. Hubby is feeling a little better.

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