You Can Laugh At Me If You Want To

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When I get done telling you what I did you can laugh if you want to. I went back to Joann fabric store to see if they had any table cloths left at 70% off. I was hoping for square ones with a zipper to use for my knitting machines. I bought the last circular table cloth for a friend of mine who has a sock machine. It was 3.89 plus 20% off for being a veteran’s dependent . They had five square table cloths left that were 52 in by 52 inches and they were 3.00 on sale and the 20 % applied to these also but no zippers. I bought three of them and  I went and bought three zippers to put my own zippers in so that I could use them for knitting machine covers with zippers . When I showed my girlfriend (fellow machine knitter) what I was doing she said, oh, you can just put a hole in for the mast and lift the mast out to put it on. lol and I am still laughing. So I went and put the zippers in anyway on the two for my Brother machines. It took no time at all because of the stripes. They helped to cut straight and sew straight. Around the hole on top I put rickrack that I had so that the cloth would not tear.  The passap machine was another story. No zipper there. I wanted the console covered so I just made slits in the back where the brackets are that hold the masts. Now I don’t have folded sheets on them and it looks so much better and now I can go knit. My next project is a vest on the passap . I saw this vest in a hand knitting magazine that has a schematic. Hope I am not wasting my time.

Are you done laughing now? 🙂



  1. Gill Pearson Said:

    OH sometimes the obvious eludes even the machine knitter – I had a good laugh

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    I never laugh at you….you are usually 2 light years ahead of me.

    • I don’t think so! Hey, mailed your package today. Look for it on Wed or Thursday. I had no choice on the pattern of it but I think it fits your location. 🙂

  3. Betty McIwaine Said:

    Well, I just have slits in my covers, but mine just fit the top of the machines but now I will make long ones because your pictures look so nice. It will be so much better looking when I have the machine in the living area of the house. They are so untidy in the naked state. I just love your emails even though so much is for the passap and I improvise when I can. Thank you so much xxx

  4. Heidi Said:

    this is better than sheets, will go to the dollar store for some.
    thanks for the tip

    • I am glad not everyone is laughing! Measure your machine before you buy one. Mine were 52 by 52 . The width just comes over the sides a little on mine. If you want the front to drape longer to cover yarn under machines, you could check out the oblong size. 🙂

  5. Richard Hanson Said:


  6. steel breeze Said:

    I made slits in my covers, and many slits for the passap. Never occurred to me I could just make a hole, haha! Mine are pictured here:

    • Now I don’t feel so bad seeing you did this also! I actually made a square at the opening to allow for my tools. I would like a larger one for my passap machine but this will do for now. Thanks for your information!
      Carol 🙂

  7. Bette Schulz Said:

    I am trying to find if I can still buy the Afghan Queen series, I have them all but on the small computer discs I would like to buy them in CD format as my old computer died which I had all the discs for

    • Hi Bett, I don’t know where you can buy them or if they are available. Keep checking eBay maybe? My files are on an external drive and some of them I had trouble with and think there might be corruption of the files.

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