Cover for My Sock Machine



I discovered that a lot of you machine knitters also have sock machines. Well, I have mine on the patio since I can’t stand to be inside on the nice days. I wanted to get a cover of some sort instead of a sheet. I managed to get away from the house for a short while and gravitated to JoAnn fabric store. This flannel table cloth for a patio table was on sale at 70% off. It is circular and it has a zipper up the front. I paid 3.89 for it and it is perfect. The hole in the top where the umbrella goes allows the tension springs for my yarn to sit up and not get crushed down. Of course, since I am new at sock machine, this has probably already been discovered and I have not seen it. hee hee

Now I want to go back to the store because they had oblong ones too and if they have a zipper, they would be perfect for my knitting machines that all have sheets on them! lol Of course, if I wasn’t so lazy I could make one. πŸ™‚


  1. Kathleen Said:

    Thanks for your great idea! Love to cover my machines, Also would like to set one up on my patio while the weather is so nice. Have a great summer.

  2. Susan Said:

    Great idea…I haven’t seen that in my travels !!!!! I use those flannel back table clothes for my flat beds, never saw one with a zipper or at such a good deal.

    • Hi Susan, I liked it because it was round and had the zipper. It was normally 12.99 but was reduced 70%. I saw it just as I was standing in line to pay.

  3. Linda Lanese Said:

    Do you knit socks outside πŸ™‚ This is a great idea!

    • Yep, if it is nice out! I get fresh air and get something accomplished. πŸ™‚

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