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You Can Laugh At Me If You Want To

Project00 copy

When I get done telling you what I did you can laugh if you want to. I went back to Joann fabric store to see if they had any table cloths left at 70% off. I was hoping for square ones with a zipper to use for my knitting machines. I bought the last circular table cloth for a friend of mine who has a sock machine. It was 3.89 plus 20% off for being a veteran’s dependent . They had five square table cloths left that were 52 in by 52 inches and they were 3.00 on sale and the 20 % applied to these also but no zippers. I bought three of them and  I went and bought three zippers to put my own zippers in so that I could use them for knitting machine covers with zippers . When I showed my girlfriend (fellow machine knitter) what I was doing she said, oh, you can just put a hole in for the mast and lift the mast out to put it on. lol and I am still laughing. So I went and put the zippers in anyway on the two for my Brother machines. It took no time at all because of the stripes. They helped to cut straight and sew straight. Around the hole on top I put rickrack that I had so that the cloth would not tear.  The passap machine was another story. No zipper there. I wanted the console covered so I just made slits in the back where the brackets are that hold the masts. Now I don’t have folded sheets on them and it looks so much better and now I can go knit. My next project is a vest on the passap . I saw this vest in a hand knitting magazine that has a schematic. Hope I am not wasting my time.

Are you done laughing now? 🙂


Cover for My Sock Machine



I discovered that a lot of you machine knitters also have sock machines. Well, I have mine on the patio since I can’t stand to be inside on the nice days. I wanted to get a cover of some sort instead of a sheet. I managed to get away from the house for a short while and gravitated to JoAnn fabric store. This flannel table cloth for a patio table was on sale at 70% off. It is circular and it has a zipper up the front. I paid 3.89 for it and it is perfect. The hole in the top where the umbrella goes allows the tension springs for my yarn to sit up and not get crushed down. Of course, since I am new at sock machine, this has probably already been discovered and I have not seen it. hee hee

Now I want to go back to the store because they had oblong ones too and if they have a zipper, they would be perfect for my knitting machines that all have sheets on them! lol Of course, if I wasn’t so lazy I could make one. 🙂

My Passap is Screaming!




My passap is screaming to be used after sitting for so long. Hubby is home from the hospital for the fifth time and doing better now.

I wanted to knit something quick to make sure I did not forget how to do things. With my brain under stress for so long it feels burnt out. lol

I took the tea cup from a hand knitting design that was on a pillow. I made a large one for myself since I have a large coffee mug. That is the first picture. It is 5 & 1/2 by 8 inches.  The smaller one is 5 & 1/8 by 6 & 1/2

I provided the pattern for the smaller one  in case someone wants to try one. You can change your colors to anything you want. I used taupe, tan and black.  The yarn I used was 2 strands of 2/24

Felted Slippers with Flip FLop Soles


My husband is back in the hospital so no knitting just yet. I happened to have a pair of these slippers knitted and sewn together. I felted them the other morning  and then took the slipper to the hospital and needle felted the design on the top. I bought flip flops and decided to see if they would work for a sole for the bottom. I think they turned out cute. I used the product shoe goo to glue to the sole and they are holding perfectly. I wanted something I could walk down the driveway to get the paper or I will give them to my sister since she goes on their deck in the early morning when it is cold. I bought two other pairs of flip flops in a fuschia  color and a lime color. I only paid 2 dollars for the flip flops at Joann’s. If you want to try this, get your flip flops now since you can’t find them in the winter. I had this idea to try since last year but just now found the flip flops at a reasonable price.

I used Lion Brands Oatmeal color wool. I bought a size M flip flop.

Picture of Sock Machine per Richard’s Request


Here is a picture of my Auto Knitter sock machine Richard. It has the ribber on it. It has a tension mast with six eyelets for yarns. It also has another cylinder for 80 needles. The cylinder in it now has 72 needles. I need to buy a 60 needle cylinder for it. It came in a wooden box and also has a yarn winder that I did not take a picture of. Here are a couple of more pictures in my drop box

to show you the machine with and without the ribber. In the picture with the ribber on top I only put in a couple of needles to show you the set up for a 1×1 rib.