Have you ever done this?

It is official. My brother in law is giving up his sock machine so I don’t have to go scout around for one.  Yay. I finished a pair of socks using Sock Ease yarn. I started the second sock and when I was finished with the rib I knitted 24 rows of stockinette stitch. I started the heal short rowing down to 14 stitches and was so proud since it was going so well. When I finished the heel I knitted 54 rows for the body of the sock and then I started short rowing the toe. It was then that  I realized that I did not do the second part of the short rowing on the heel! So I rewound the yarn and rehung the sock on the machine just before the heel started and did it again. I have never ever done that when I have knitted socks on the knitting machine. Have you ever done that?


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Well you did a super job. I have tried rehanging, but due to the yarn guide, etc…I usually find it faster to rewind and start over. Besides, I don’t have your patience to rehang all 72 of those tiny stitches. But you go girl. You earned your STAR. It is official, you are a genuine cranker ! 🙂

    • Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I get my star!
      The only reason I rehung the stitches is because I did not want to do the rib over. lol
      And the only thing I don’t like about this sock knitter is the same thing I don’t like about the passap. You have to cut the yarn or pull all of it back through the yarn guide and that would take too long.

      • Susan McBean Said:

        Ok, they make slotted yarn guides and carriers ! 🙂

      • See, what do I know! lol

  2. Richard Hanson Said:

    can you please post a picture of the sock machine. would love to see it.

  3. vamps1@verizon.net Said:

    You are simply amazing!  How could you just sit down and knit a sock so fast without ever using a sock machine.  All yourknitting is so beautiful.  Thanks for showing it to us. Patti    

    • Ha, Ha Patti, I have you fooled. lol The first sock took me about 20 hours because I was forgetting to do things, or tension was too tight. I am getting the hang of it now. It takes about and hour to do one for me because I am going slow. My issues are the cast on in the ribbing . If I am not careful a stitch will drop right on the first row so I watch it now.. Once I get the ribbing done the rest is a breeze. I have to say that if I get my hooks with weights just right for short rowing the heel and toe, it is easier than doing it on the knitting machine. Grafting of the toe stitches is easier also . Thanks for the praise though.
      Carol 🙂

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