My Slipper Sock Pattern Instructions


My husband wears the slipper socks that I made him. He had a pair at the hospital but they were thrown out. His ankles are swollen and my slippers still fit him. So I made another pair and decided to share the pattern with you. This is adapted from a baby bootie pattern.  You can see the women’s slippers in previous posts on my blog. I would suggest knitting it plain before trying the lace design. I can make a pair in a half hour not counting grafting the toe stitches. Here is the pattern. I used Cancun yarn. The tensions are in the pattern. I also included my notes from a Lesley Solomon video our club had years ago on how to measure for a sock. I made this on the Brother 940.

Here is the link.





  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Sweet ! Didn’t look at the instructions yet, but didn’t you have to sew a side seam too?

  2. Gill Pearson Said:

    These look very comfortable – is this yarn a 3 or 4 ply ?

  3. Hi Gil, they are comfortabe. My hubby likes them because can cun feels so soft and these keep his ankles warm. Just google can cun yarn and see what ply it is.
    Carol 🙂

  4. Hfoneau Said:

    Hi CC,

    Thank you for the sock pattern. Will try it on my Passap e6000. Speedy recovery to your hubby now that his toes and ankles are warm. Cheerios

    Sent from Lai Fone & Kam’s iPad

  5. Heike Said:

    nice socks!! I got an Auto knitter last year and frogged sometimes directly on the machine. Its quite a bit of fiddling and takes “forever” but its a different learning curve, from my flatbed machines. I really like following your blog
    Heike from Tatamagouche NS

    • Hi, yep, I have frogged on machine but it was 54 rows to remove!
      Thanks for the compliment. I bet if I bought the cylinder with less needles for thicker yarn that I could do the slipper socks on the sock machine. Have to get one. Then I would only have to graft the toe.

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