Machine Knitted Buttonhole and Band by Thelma Viers

Thelma Viers-The Needle-witted Woman's Buttonhole

Thelma Viers-The Needle-witted Woman’s Buttonhole

Well, I managed to get this buttonhole demo done. I felt like a thief sneaking off into my knitting room late at night. That is why the pictures appear dark.

I love this finished buttonhole by Thelma Viers. It was in one of her patterns that I bought years ago and have used it ever since. It seems complicated but it isn’t. It is just a matter of knitting up to the buttonhole, working on the buttonhole , and then knitting the rest of the way to the left to complete one row. I wrote up instructions that I hope you can follow. I also have 22 pictures in detail in case you get stuck. I do hope you will try this band just making one buttonhole. Once you can knit this , you can try a sample of two buttonholes and then move on to doing a whole band.

I made this buttonhole on the Brother Standard Machine. It can be done on the Bulky too. I am sure it can be done on the Passap  using setting so certain needles don’t knit. Hmm…am I up for the challenge?

Here is the link to my dropbox for all of the pictures and instructions. Please let me know if anyone makes this and likes it as much as I do. If something is not clear to you with my pictures and directions, please email me.

If you double click on the first picture in the upper left in the drop box it will become screen size and you will see it will go through the pictures from number 1 to number 22.


Oh, also, I found the right size bottle for the dish liquid dresses. I was disappointed that they did not wrap around the bottle. The correct size for the bottle is14 ounces. I found them at Drug Mart for $1.39


Correct size dish liquid bottle

Correct size dish liquid bottle


  1. Tanya Said:

    Thanks for sharing and all the effort to create and photograph this tutorial all on your own. I just started reading through a pattern book for a round yoke sweater and was going through the button ban section this morning, so the timing couldn’t be better!

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