Good Idea, Bad Result! lol

2stitch buttonhole

2stitch buttonhole

4stitch buttonhole

4stitch buttonhole


I was looking for a hand manipulated lace design in Susan Guagliumi book and I saw a cable with holes in it. I thought, why not do a button hole band with the holes in the cables for the buttons. Well, first of all I put the hole in the middle of the cable instead of around the sides like she did.  Second, I hung the fabric and then knitted the band. To do this with more stitches between cables, I would knit the band and then attach to the garment.  I absolutely love Thelma Viers buttonhole band. It is the only one that I have used for years. It is so professional looking and the buttonhole is finished when you take the band off of the machine. I used her technique to put the buttonholes in. Of course, the band has a back so the back has to have the hole in it also. I won’t go into detail on the rest since the result is not so good. The first picture I just did a 6stitch cable and made the two middle stitches the buttonhole. Too small. Would only be able to use very small buttons as in picture. On the second picture I made 8 stitch cables (figured a good way to cross them over with minor difficulty) Then I made the buttonhole 4 stitches. Well, onto another failure….I mean project. lol


  1. Maris Said:

    Actually, I like the band.

  2. Well that makes me feel like my time wasn’t wasted!

  3. Said:

    I love being inspired by all of your posts. It encourages me to try “just playing around” with my machines too! Rita in Raleigh Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild Triangle Machine Knitters

    • It is funny how you feel like you wasted so much time when it does not work, but if it encourages you, it makes it worthwhile!
      Thank youfor your comment!

  4. Andrea Said:

    What an ingenious idea! Is this from the Hand Manipulated Stitches book? If so, I’ll have dust it off and experiment with this band.

    • Hi Andrea, I saw the cable on page 218 of Susan’s book and just thought of a buttonhole . Of course, I moved the hole to the middle of the cable and tried a band . That book is worth its weight in gold.

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