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Boy, I don’t know why you never see this technique posted whenever someone asks how to finish a side edge to keep it from rolling. The bottom picture is the fabric once it comes off of the machine and steamed flat. This is lace pattern 168 in the Brother Stitch World Book and it is a 10 stitch repeat and I used 20 stitches plus one on each side for the knitted edge stitch. When it comes off the machine it has a curvy edge that is nice but looks unfinished. I tried the machine knit single crochet and did not like it. It was okay on the front of the fabric but not nice on the purl side.

This sample in the first picture on the left side is the crab stitch done on the machine and the one on the right side of the fabric is the double crochet machine stitch. Both were very easy to do and look really nice when finished. The crab stitch on the purl side is very inconspicuous and looks nice. The double crochet on the purl side gives a raised two column look which I also find attractive. On the double crochet you can try it hanging the fabric from the wrong side and see what that looks like. I know it will look nice.
Both of the edges, crab stitch and double crochet would look nice around an afghan, scarf, front edge of jacket, cuff band and even collar. On this particular fabric design, where it curved in I picked up every other stitch on the fabric so it would curve nicely. If it comes out a straight edge, you would not have to do that. The beauty of these edges is that they can be knitted using any machine.

Here is the link with the directions if you care to give it a try. I make notebooks after I try things and I attach the sample to the page of directions. Easy to find when you need to use it.

You will also see pictures for the single crochet and decide if you want to try it.



  1. Steve Brown Said:

    is there a way to print out the directions where they fit a page and can be read?

    • Hi Steve , You should be able to print them from the link that I sent. If not, send me your email and I will attach the directions. 🙂

    • Hi again Steve, If you double click on the pictures, the size will come in. Use arrows at bottom to get to the picture of the directions. When you get to that page, right mouse click and it should say download.
      Hope this helps.


    Knitting Machine Crochet by Barb Kapraun | Cckittenknits’s Weblog


    Knitting Machine Crochet by Barb Kapraun | Cckittenknits’s Weblog

  4. Click en este link

    Knitting Machine Crochet by Barb Kapraun | Cckittenknits’s Weblog

  5. Página recomendada

    Knitting Machine Crochet by Barb Kapraun | Cckittenknits’s Weblog

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