Passap Baby Afghans-Two more

Precious Baby


After I made the first afghan in blue I sort of thought the bunny and the bird might have been too girly for a boy. So I went in and changed the designs in the blocks and came up with Precious Baby. The cut file is in the drop box that lullaby baby is in. I also added two more columns on each side of both afghans so the border is a little wider and it looks perfect. You can take this file and open it in win/crea and change the animals to anything that you like. They are anywhere from 25 to 30 rows if you are looking for new designs.

I also knitted the pink afghan at 5.25 on both beds and it was too loose on the back bed. So I used the tension of 5.25/5   The afghan did not come out that much larger because of adding columns. I do like the size though.


  1. Said:

    Is there some way I can get your Baby Blankets to download?  They won’t download from the drop box.  Thank you.   

  2. Hi , email me at and I will attach the files for you. Do you need the directions also?

  3. marianna Said:

    Oh wow. Absolutely Wonderful!

  4. Helen fox Said:

    Newbie Passap knitter here. These patterns will help me immensely

  5. Jill Foley Said:

    Hi Again.
    I left a comment on the other page….but am also interested in the “boy” version with the train. Hope its not too much trouble to ask for the “boy” and “girl” versions.
    Thanks so much…
    I love your work!

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