Passap Lullaby Baby Blanket by JoAnn Teodori




This pattern is in Machine Knitters Source Magazine  May/June of 1998 Vol. no 84   This pattern is in two parts in the magazine and intended for Creation Six. Okay, so how do I get the pattern . I was reading an old magazine and it said if you want  to scan a picture to convert to knitting, scan at 100dpi. So I set the magazine on my scanner and lowered the dpi. Then I saved it into DAK. The bunny and the bird came out so I copied and pasted into a new file. I went back to the original and I could tell where the arrows were. To make a long story short I was able to put it together into a file. My heart does not look as wide as hers but I think it is okay. If you want to change it in the pattern that I am sharing with you in my drop box, you can.

I was ready to knit it and realized I did not want a big blanket. So I worked on a smaller one and that is what is pictured. The small size is 26 width, 32 length. If you want to use the tension she suggests which is one dot higher than I used, it will come out a little wider. If you want to add more columns, add one more column at each side to make the border 3 stitches instead of two. My blanket is 135 stitches by 148 rows. If you add more columns, remember to select the right needles. You will knit 592 rows and 2 rows for bind off. Her blanket is 704 rows and 2 bind off rows.

I have the large blanket and smaller blanket in bmp and cut files. There is also a word document on how I made mine and how she makes hers. Hope you try it and have fun. I think it is cute. Will have to go look through some more magazines and see if I find some more baby afghans.

When I bind off, I like to take the blanket off knitting circular rows of waste yarn and then sit and latch tool one stitch into the next going from front bed to back bed and then front bed along the whole border .  In JoAnn’s pattern she has you knit two rows at blanket tension, transfer all the front bed stitches to the back leaving the front bed needles in working position. Then she knits one row at td 5/5.25, drops the front bed and binds off one stitch through another. I have to try this since I have never seen this bind off in afghan patterns. I will post that next so you can see the difference in the two bind offs. I tend to get a back ache when I bind off on the machine but willing to suffer that little bit for you in case you want to knit this. lol

Please look over the larger pattern if you do it and search for mistakes. I don’t think there are any but my eyes cross after looking at the computer screen for so long.

By the way, the technique is number 187. I will add it to the document in my drop box hopefully before you print it out. 🙂



  1. Oh, my! What a beautiful blanket!!! You have done an excellent job. It makes me almost wish I had a Passap. I wonder if I could do this in my Brother? Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi , thank you. I don’t see why you could not do this on the Brother electronic. You would have to download the pattern from computer to disk and then use the disk drive to put into the machine. You would be doing double jacquard and it would probably come out smaller than the one made on the passap. It would take too long to enter the pattern by input on the machine.

  2. Leola Said:

    Beautiful blanket. Unfortunately I do not own the DAK program so the “CUT” file does me no good as I have no way of opening the file. Thank you for trying to help your fellow machine knitters. I also only have the Singer and the Brother but some of your work I am able to do on my machines. You do inspire me to try. Thank you

    • Hi Leola, if you download the free Win/Crea program on the internet you will then be able to open the cut file and the bmp file.
      I am happy if I get just one person inspired!
      Carol 🙂

  3. Marvin Said:

    I love the blanket. We just had some friend that had a baby girl. I decided to knit the large blanket and took the “lullaby baby” out and put the new babies name in. I did the blanket in sage green and off white. I only had one problem and not sure what caused it. About a third the way into knitting everything shifted one stitch to the left. If anyone has any idea what causes this I would love to know.

    • Hi Marvin, was it the pattern that I have in my drop box?

      • Marvin Said:

        Yes Carol, and the one you featured in today’s blog. I made the large one not the small one.

  4. Hi Marvin, I just went and checked the pattern and I have no idea why that happened. If anyone has any suggestions, I hope they will give feed back. Did you try to down load again and knit it? I would cast on and then go to the spot before that happened and see if it happens again. I can only think of static electricity .

    • Marvin Said:

      Hi Carol,
      I went to download the pattern for the baby blanket that has the trains on it and the drop box says nothing here. Do you still have that one available. A friend is going to have a baby boy and I thought that one would be a great gift. I have the other one you made and it ended up coming out great. Found my problem with the pattern was static so I grounded the passap directly to an electrical outlet ground and have not had any problems since.

  5. andrea Said:

    i would love a copy of your pattern but it is not on your dropbox. Do you still have a copy I can use please?

  6. Teresa Wolfe Said:

    I think the Lydia’s Afghans Series Afghans are absolutely beautiful, I looked back at the previous one of the Lullaby Baby Blanket and tried to download but it says it is not there.
    Is there somewhere I can d/l them. I saw someone was talking about one with Trains on it and would Love to have it also if possible.

  7. Lissa Said:

    I love the Passap Lullaby Baby Blanket, I have downloaded the CUT file but couldn’t find the document that you mentioned. Would it be possible for you to send it to me?


  8. Jill Foley Said:

    Hello, I too would love a copy of these patterns, but there is nothing in the drop box. Would you mind sending them along with the directions????
    Thank-you so much.

  9. Sandy Seila Said:

    Hi…I’m a fairly new Passap Owner. I have successfully uploaded from Wincrea the Lullaby blanket…large. I had a problem with cast on 3 on the second return row it keeps jamming. Other questions: I am following the instructions as far as programming for the Baby on the Moon….when I get to #9…T0 R/L-0 KEY IN 1-AND( YES)-ENTER does this mean to enter 0 or 1? When I do either, it comes up to enter it again? I’m going to try it again, but all it did on my Passap was stockinette stitch for 10 rows…no patterning.
    Thanks in advance for you help.

  10. 9bythebeach Said:

    Hi Carol. Would like to knit the lullaby blanket but unable to access the dropbox. Would appreciate it if you could send me the files. Many thanks

    • Hi, I sent you an email. 🙂

      • Marvin Luginbuhl Said:

        Hi Carol, I would love to knit the lullaby blanket but unable to access the dropbox. Not sure if I am doing something wrong in trying to access the dropbox. Would appreciate it if you could send me the files. Thanks so much for all you do and share with other people. Marv

        On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 11:08 PM, Cckittenknits’s Weblog wrote:

        > cckittenknits commented: “Hi, I sent you an email. :)” >

  11. Jenny Said:

    I would love to make this blanket but the files are not in dropbox, could you please let me know how I can buy them? Thanks.

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