Felted Purse with Vertical Weaving Design


I wanted to use the garter bar to do some vertical weaving. I have known about this technique for a long time but never tried it. I decided to use it for a design on a felted purse. I started the bottom of the purse but ran into problems when the weaving went back and forth. I also wanted an uneven number of vertical weaves to add the one blue color. So I went into win/crea and came up with this design . When I started to knit and do the weaving I ran into a problem with wrapping the vertical yarns. Because my zig zags were going in opposite directions I had to wrap 4 in one direction and 3 in another. I always wrapped the middle color the same direction since it was going straight up.

I have never used the purl side for felting but I had to since the design comes out on the purl side. The sewing up of the side seams was really easy and almost invisible before felting. I call this my coffin purse. I am sure you remember hearing sweaters described that way. Only the front shows when you are in a coffin. Well, I did not want to put the work into the back since this was the first time felting using the purl side. The purse was 17 inches long   and 14 inches wide before felting and I was worried it would come out too long. After felting the size was 10 in length and 13 in width. I was amazed on the shrinkage of the length. And it turns out that I could have done the back with the weaving.

I have an electronic brother and I programmed the pattern into the machine and used the KC button. This selected the needles for wrapping and made it easy. The idea is to lift the garter bar up with the yarn and then wrap all in the same direction. Since I couldn’t do this I could use the bar to wrap three of them but hand wrapped the others. It did not slow me down much.

This last picture shows how I started by tying all the strands together.  Once the first row is knitted, it anchors the yarn and then you use the garter bar to lift the yarns up and around the needles all at one time.



  1. leenrue Said:

    i realy like the showing of the machine with instructions it makes more sence to me thank you just love it Mary

    • Thank you Mary. I will be adding one or two more pictures in a little while to show the garter bar better.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    Hm, have done plenty of “weaving” laying on/in the yarn with a pattern, but never with wrapping, but I do get that ! I don’t get how the garter bar was used ? I like how it looks where the straps attach ! 🙂

  3. angela haws Said:

    I especially like your use of the D rings, nice touch rather then the usual handles right from the bag.

    • Thank you Angela. I should have used rings though. The D rings slide and then the handle goes into the corner. I will have to stitch them so they don’t do that. Thank youfor your feedback.
      Carol 🙂

      • angela haws Said:

        Hi Carol, I know exactly what you mean, I’m constantly fixing my hubbys work bags that do that. I really love your work!

  4. Thank you Angela!

  5. leenrue Said:

    can you drill a small hole in the handle and sew and a thread to the yarn to keep it from moving just worth a try Mary

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    Felted Purse with Vertical Weaving Design | Cckittenknits

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