Adding Borders Using Passap Console vs DAK File

Left blanket knitted from file. Right blanket knitted adding borders into console.

Left blanket knitted from file. Right blanket knitted adding borders into console.


In my previous post I made Lovey Blankets on the Passap instead of hand knitting them from the pattern from Lorraine Pistorio.  I used pattern 1071 in the pattern book and added borders programming it with the console instead of downloading a pattern. I had a woman ask if I had the Cut or DAK file for it.  When I went to make this I thought how easy it would have been if I could just download it but I used the console and it really is easy. BUT…. I was up for the challenge. I went to DAK and put in pattern 1071. Then I copied and pasted it once so that I had 64 stitches. Then I added 6 extra stitches on each side for the borders and 8 rows on the top and bottom for those borders. I saved it and downloaded it and knitted it. For the borders I had two black rows and two white rows alternating up the sides and for the top and bottom. I knitted 1/3 of the blanket and looked at it and it was wrong. Went back to the pattern and only used single rows of alternating black and white rows for the top , bottom and sides. I knitted a full blanket because it did not look bad but it is not the same as adding borders with the console. I took a picture of both blankets side by side and you can see the difference. Left mouse click on the picture to see a close up.  I like both of them but the borders that were added into the console look like English Rib to me. I put the BMP file in my drop box if you want to knit it but don’t want to learn how to do it through the console. I am stumped on this because you use technique 186 as the pattern for the borders and for knitting the blanket. I might put this past Pat Groves of the passap group or if anyone can enlighten this dim mind, I am open for answers. 🙂


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  2. Sheila West Said:

    Hi! The first thing I want to know and which is always relevant when you have a pattern query, is what /Technique did you use? Anyway, looking at your original blanket and the pattern, it seems to me that alternating 2 lines white, two lines black for the borders and top and bottom edges would have been the correct one. I base this on what I can see in the original blanket in that the sides etc. seem to have the same ridges as the main body of the blanket in theplainer zig zag bit, and in pattern 1071, those parts have alternating two row black and white stripes. When you say the blanket didn’t look right when you tried the two row stripes, how exactly did it look, can you put up a photo of that? Without knowing the technique, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what could be wrong
    Western Australia

    • Hi Sheila, I posted a picture of the blanket that I knitted using 2 black rows alternating with two white rows. The technique I used was 186. Thank you for your help.
      Carol 🙂

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