Falkberry Stitch on the Brother Machine


I came across this stitch while straightening up my knitting room (again) Well, I was also looking for g carriage books and patterns that I have and this can be done with the garter bar or the g carriage for the knit rows.

It is in an article from Machine Knit Today March of 1994. It is written by Pauline Falk. I just had to try it. I entered the pattern into my machine and then tried the Honeycomb 1 pattern. Pauline added the rows for taking the carriage across on a free pass which is nice.  This is a great lesson on using the garter bar. However, I have had enough lessons on that gadget! lol I don’t like having to add and take off weights each time that you turn using the garter bar. The g carriage would eliminate that.
If you use the garter bar, Pauline suggests doing a baby outfit and that is a great idea. It is small and easier to turn the rows .

So….what I would do is knit the eight rows of slip stitch pattern with my main carriage set to slip and then use the g carriage for three rows. No turning and it would be quick. I really like the fabric.

I hope you try it. I did not do the sample two or three but sample three involves hand tooling.  Go to my drop box link to try it.


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  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Looks interesting….am glad you took a look at the G Carriage….and tested out that pattern !!!!

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