Love My Meeces to Pieces

My Little "Meeces"

My Little “Meeces”

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto the cutest mouse pattern by Lorraine Pistorio. The pattern is called Christmas & Hanukkah Mice.–hanukkah-mice
It is a hand knitting pattern but I figured I would try to convert to machine knitting. Great pattern, pictures, and detail!  What I found out is that I was able to knit the body on the machine after hand knitting to row 12. I was able to knit the arms on the machine. The head I was able to do after row 10 and the ears after a couple of rows. The feet had to be done by hand. The time it took on the machine was about 3 hours whereas by hand was about 2 days of knitting off and on. The first one I made by hand, I overstuffed and it would not felt down well. So, the second one that I made, I lightly stuffed so the piece would not felt together. I left an opening in the body, head and feet to add stuffing afterwards and this is what I have. I knitted a little scarf and felted it. I even felted the candy cane. He is supposed to have a Christmas Santa hat but I love his ears so much I hate to cover one!  I may needle felt the inside of his ears with a light pink. The other felted mouse is the one made from the MKN pattern insert and it is in machine knitting instructions.

I love Lorraine Pistorio’s pattern just as it is knitted but you know me and felting! 🙂


  1. Said:

    Those mice are really gre

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    Awww, what cute ears !

    • They look like mine! lol But my hair hides them.
      Just kidding.

  3. Daye Said:

    I just recently discovered your blog. Love what you do. These mice are adorable! I like to do toys on the KM, too.

    • Thank you, I love making them too. It brings the kid out in me again.

  4. Marigold Said:

    I love all your work! And you are so clever the way you use your machines – I haven’t gone beyond sweaters and scarves! But I am determined to try the Panna Frost Flower shawl …

    • Thank you Marigold. I just love trying new things. I have made tons of sweaters over the years and it is fun to fool around doing little things. And I get instant gratification when they are small projects. lol. Please do the Panna Frost scarf. If you find it taking longer don’t repeat the second section three times. Twice is fine . Email me a picture if you make it.
      I should say “when” you make it.
      Carol 🙂

  5. Carol, these are fantastic!! Love them felted as well! What beautiful work you do! Thanks so much for posting so I could see!

    • Thank you Lorraine, I love your patterns. I just bought another one and can’t wait to knit it! You are such a clever person.
      Carol 🙂

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