Passap Baby Tuck Afghan by Jean Curry



I have a box of magazines and patterns I wanted to get rid of and while waiting for my hubby to go somewhere, I picked  up Machine Knitters Source July/August of 2001 and leafed through it. I came across this pattern by Jean Curry and I think it is beautiful. I like it better than the afghan lovely. The stitches are raised and look like the popcorn stitch.

The pattern was not a graph to put into DAK or win/crea so I tried to scan it. Didn’t work. Then I took a close up photo of it and put it in DAK. In the conversion I was able to get one complete diamond. So I opened a new stitch file and copied and pasted the diamond in. It took me two hours to complete but after making it, it is a keeper. Glad that I spent the time.

I was stumped by pattern though because it says 162 rows and I only came up with 161. Well, if I had read to the end of the pattern, I would have seen that the last row is the bind off. I followed her directions for the cast on and I really like it . It is the racking cast on. I downloaded the pattern and when I realized how large it would come out and that it needed 15 ounces of yarn, I had to stop. That is a very large blanket. So I went back to the program and reduced the size to 142 rows by 138 stitches and it came out the size that I wanted. Finished size is 36″by 38″ . I also added one more tuck row so the borders would look alike. I am glad that I did. I corrected the pattern and if you go to my drop box link you will see two files in bmp format. One is the original size and the smaller one is the one that I made for baby afghan.They can be downloaded and taken into win/crea if you want to try this.

In the drop box at the bottom is a document on how I made the smaller one.


  1. Susan Said:

    It all sounds great…if only I had a clue what you were talking about 🙂 but it does look great !

  2. Charlene Said:

    Beautiful work clever girl!!!

  3. Lol, thank you Charlene!

  4. Inge Said:

    Wow what a clever idea,and thanks for sharing it with others.
    You are the greatest

  5. Thank you Inge, I am going to get a pretty big head! lol

  6. Tina Said:

    Can you please email me as I have a problem I need your help with regarding your beautiful blanket

  7. Irma Yungton Said:

    Preciosa Manta, recién me estoy incursionando ..muy interesada en conseguir los cables para el Dak o el Win Crea…gracias por compartir…aunque….todavía no sé cómo funciona o se instala el Dak en mi Passap E 6000…Saludos desde Misiones Argentina…

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