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Finished Bunny, Lamb and Bear Blankies


About a week and a half ago I fell on the ice on my right shoulder and could not machine knit for awhile. At the time I had just bought this pattern. So for a couple of days I sat and hand knitted the little characters. I assembled them yesterday to get them ready to put in my store. I especially love the bunny and just in time for Easter. 🙂

Primitive Folksy Felted Purse


I found this hand knitting pattern and liked it. So I converted it to machine knitting but made it larger. Well…it does not look like the original. The sides were going to have a pleat but it did not felt well. So I was able to steam the pleat out and the shape is much nicer. I needle felted the circles and sewed the brown “beads” on top of each circle. Then I added a tassel of the beads to the left side. I decided to make the handle with the beads in it. I knitted 20 rows of 3 needle “I” cord and put a bead in and continued till I had 200 rows. I felted  it in my table top felter and when I took it out it looked like a native necklace! Not sure if I liked it and  then I noticed that the finish had come off of the beads and they were very dull. Can’t use that and it was just as well.  So I went back and knitted another “I” cord and started and finished each end with 16 rows of stockinette to act like a tab on each side. I added a magnetic clasp for closure so it would not look funny with a button along with the design. I was happy when I started this and wrote everything down so I could share the pattern with you …ha, ha,ha…..what a waste of time. Not worth making it like this again.

Machine Knitted Wine Bottle Cover

Short Neck

Short Neck

Long Neck
                            Long Neck
I just finished this wine bottle cover for a customer. I originally made mine in red for Christmas but I love the wine color. When I made the pattern the first time I did the whole top in 2×2 rib and made a note that if I did it again to add more stockinette stitch before the rib because of the different heights of wine bottles. As you can see from the picture, the cover is the same but has a longer neck to accommodate the longer bottles. I have the directions in my drop box for anyone that wants to make this.
If I do this again I would probably cross the last cable at row 54 so that it extends up a little more. You can also try making this putting the cable stitches on the ribber and see if crossing the cables is easier.
This is knit on the Bulky machine.

Pleated Pocket on Any Knitting Machine


I Subscribe to the free Newsletter Knit it Now but I am not a subscriber to the site. I viewed the video showing the first step on knitting this pleated pocket. You have to pay to become a member and see how to finish the pocket. It is strange to me that the author of this was the site but on the video on the first page, you see Jodi Raymond Originals. Hmmm…
I was able to finish it and post how to do it if you want to try something new. This pocket is knitted before your garment. For all machines, you will need to know how to set your machine to slip in one direction. I made this on the Brother 940 and we push in one part button. I have attached a drop box link to see the written instructions and pictures showing how to re hang your stitches to make the pleat. In the video she says to knit about 50 rows for the pocket. I only knitted 37 since I was using a thinner yarn. You would have to adjust the size of your pocket according to your stitch and row gauge. I would like this pocket on the front of a jacket.
Hope you try it even if it is just for the experience.

Part 2 of Adding borders using console vs DAK file

Blanket knitted with borders of 2 black rows alternating with 2 white rows.

Blanket knitted with borders of 2 black rows alternating with 2 white rows.

Pattern 1135 in Passap E 6000 Book

Pattern 1135 in Passap E 6000 Book

Sheila from Western Australia said that if you look at the main pattern on the blue blanket , it looks like the borders should be double lines.(Left click on picture for a close up view) That is what I thought. I posted the picture of what that looks like after it is knitted. Yes, they do match the body of the blanket and the side borders look okay but the beginning border I don’t like. The technique used was 186 to knit the blanket using the file.
The pink blanket I knitted using pattern 1135 and technique 186 but the pattern does not “pop” like the zigzag pattern. It looks okay though.

Thank you Sheila for your reply. 🙂

Adding Borders Using Passap Console vs DAK File

Left blanket knitted from file. Right blanket knitted adding borders into console.

Left blanket knitted from file. Right blanket knitted adding borders into console.


In my previous post I made Lovey Blankets on the Passap instead of hand knitting them from the pattern from Lorraine Pistorio.  I used pattern 1071 in the pattern book and added borders programming it with the console instead of downloading a pattern. I had a woman ask if I had the Cut or DAK file for it.  When I went to make this I thought how easy it would have been if I could just download it but I used the console and it really is easy. BUT…. I was up for the challenge. I went to DAK and put in pattern 1071. Then I copied and pasted it once so that I had 64 stitches. Then I added 6 extra stitches on each side for the borders and 8 rows on the top and bottom for those borders. I saved it and downloaded it and knitted it. For the borders I had two black rows and two white rows alternating up the sides and for the top and bottom. I knitted 1/3 of the blanket and looked at it and it was wrong. Went back to the pattern and only used single rows of alternating black and white rows for the top , bottom and sides. I knitted a full blanket because it did not look bad but it is not the same as adding borders with the console. I took a picture of both blankets side by side and you can see the difference. Left mouse click on the picture to see a close up.  I like both of them but the borders that were added into the console look like English Rib to me. I put the BMP file in my drop box if you want to knit it but don’t want to learn how to do it through the console. I am stumped on this because you use technique 186 as the pattern for the borders and for knitting the blanket. I might put this past Pat Groves of the passap group or if anyone can enlighten this dim mind, I am open for answers. 🙂

Passap Mini Lovey Blankie by Lorraine Pistorio


I bought the Mini Lovey Blankie Minagerie Pattern from Lorraine Pistorio and I am not disappointed! Another wonderful illustrated and well written pattern. For the price you would expect to only get one design but you get all six animal designs and the blankets also.

You can find it here.

Well you know I am not one to hand knit a blanket since I have the passap so I went to work and made a blankie on the Passap E6000. It was so quick and I used the console to make the blankie and added borders.  My blankie is 17 inches by 17 inches and comes off the machine finished. To match the collar I used five strands of 2/24 that I used for the blanket and I hand knit that. It came out the right size. I used a four ply yarn that I had for the bear. I hand knit all of him because I was away from home at the time but you can do the arms on the machine very easily.(Bulky machine)

If you would like to make this little blankie, buy her pattern for the heads, all the information is at this drop box link for the blankie including how to program the console to knit borders. This can be done on the DM80 and I included the picture of the punchcard for the DM80. Don’t ask me how to do anything else on the DM 80 because I could not help you. 😦

This little blankie is great for putting over the baby in a car seat without all the hassle of carrying a large one. Great for putting it over the baby while carrying it on your shoulder. Great for putting it over the baby in one of the carrying holders.

I can’t wait to do the bunny blankie.

Free Patterns are all gone

Thank you everyone that responded to the free patterns and books. They are all gone and you helped me get rid of a milk crate full of patterns. I will be doing this again when I have some time to go through patterns instead of knitting. 🙂

Free Books and Patterns

I have a lot of duplicate patterns and magazines. Would like to get rid of them but can’t bring myself to throw them away. I am not asking anything for them. It is too time consuming to write them down one by one. I have a lot of pictures of them and you can see them close up. There are two that are not there anymore. One is the G carriage and lace pattern and the other is the solid black book called Design for Brother Garter Carriage. I would like to ask one thing of you. I hope that you don’t take them to sell them. I would like someone who can really use them or get ideas from them to take them. I would love to get rid of by boxes instead of envelopes. I will respond to each email in the order that they come in. Please email me and I will send you the link to a drop box to view the items. 🙂

Falkberry Stitch on the Brother Machine


I came across this stitch while straightening up my knitting room (again) Well, I was also looking for g carriage books and patterns that I have and this can be done with the garter bar or the g carriage for the knit rows.

It is in an article from Machine Knit Today March of 1994. It is written by Pauline Falk. I just had to try it. I entered the pattern into my machine and then tried the Honeycomb 1 pattern. Pauline added the rows for taking the carriage across on a free pass which is nice.  This is a great lesson on using the garter bar. However, I have had enough lessons on that gadget! lol I don’t like having to add and take off weights each time that you turn using the garter bar. The g carriage would eliminate that.
If you use the garter bar, Pauline suggests doing a baby outfit and that is a great idea. It is small and easier to turn the rows .

So….what I would do is knit the eight rows of slip stitch pattern with my main carriage set to slip and then use the g carriage for three rows. No turning and it would be quick. I really like the fabric.

I hope you try it. I did not do the sample two or three but sample three involves hand tooling.  Go to my drop box link to try it.

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