Felted Christmas Tree



This was the last thing I made yesterday from my Things To Try Notebook. I thought this was a little pattern that I could use to make a felted tree ornament. Wrong! I knew it was going to be big when it said to cast on 60 stitches. This pattern is from a book from a knit shop that used to be here in Ohio about an hour away from me. The woman was a passap dealer and the shop was called Eileens. This pattern is called Applique Knit Tree by Terri L. Burns of Beaverton, Oregon. Well, she was there in 1993 but don’t know about that now. lol

I used some left over red yarn in case this did not turn out. Well, it did so I am sorry I did not have green. I love the way it was knitted. Very easy to follow instructions. She even had the rows and needles marked in case you wanted to put buttons on for decoration. I chose beads because I had them. I even had the beading tool that I used once in over 20 years of owning it.

I thought the edges might curl up or in while felting  so I took ravel cord and hung all of the edges and added waste yarn before felting. I checked early in felting to see if I needed to pull the edges to keep in shape. All was well. It took about five minutes to felt. I pulled on the bottom edge to get it to curve instead of being straight across. I left a piece at the top for a hanger. I crocheted the last strand for about two inches for hanging. The finished tree is about 12 inches tall and about 12 inches at the widest part. I want to knit a brown trunk to add to it. I was going to needle felt some ball ornaments on it. Anyone have any more ideas as to how to decorate?  What can I use it for besides a wall or door hanging? I suppose I could use it for placing trays of cookies or refreshments on at Christmas time. I can’t use as a hot pad because of the beads.

I would like to scale this down to make a tree ornament since I like its shape.

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