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Ah hah, I figured it out but don’t know if I can explain it. lol
I really had problems with technique 153 and I decided to try a scarf. Back to the same problem of incorrect pushers. I decided to sit and study the situation. I believe the answer is in setting up the proper pushers. Here is what I am suggesting if you try any of the techniques . First do a test run without the yarn. Turn on the console(you can skip the cast on) Make a note of what position the wracking handle indicator says. Put all of the pushers to work position on the front bed. When you go through the settings the proper pushers will come into work. Then look at your manual and set up according to it. When you do this, you can set up anywhere on the bed and pick the correct end needles.

1. I then knitted technique 153 in one color and two colors. I would only do the one color since the edges don’t look good with two colors.
2. I then knitted technique 155. But I did this before doing what I suggested for needle set up and in the pictures you will see what happened. The side needle on the front bed group of three was tucking and that is wrong. I went and set up with all the pushers in work and found out that the two side stitches of the groups of 3 should be tucking and the middle one knitting. When done like this, it was correct and a bump forms where the middle needle is. I also would definitely do a scarf in this because the edge stitches are pretty. I posted that picture above.

3. I then knitted technique 156 and it is the same on both sides.

4. I then knitted technique 157 and it was uneventful. I just posted the front side and the back side. I don’t like this for a scarf but I would like the purl side with vertical lines but only in a solid color for a sweater.

I took pictures and put information on them in case you would like to try these. Here is the link to the drop box with the techniques in them.


  1. Sandra Said:

    Thanks for sharing!Think your pictures are very clear and easy to understand.

    • You’re welcome. Anything to help ease the frustration this machine can cause. lol

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    Hi, while the techniques mean nothing to me as I have a DM80….good to know you can set up anywhere on the bed. Luckily I had figured out those pesky pushers…which often seem to be backward to what you think should be set up !!!

  3. Mary Slattery Said:

    Have you tried any of the 500 techniques? They are tuck stitch patterns with needles out of work. The set up row tells you which needles and pushers to leave out of work.

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