My Passap is the PMS Model

PMS is the only reason I can come up with why my passap is not being nice to me. I tried technique 153 again. Same thing happened. I went and got my extra front lock to see if that would make a difference. Maybe something was broken on my good one. Nope, same thing happened. So I sat and pulled all of the front bed stitches up and all the pushers and set both locks to their settings and knitted without the yarn.  Whoa, what is happening here I said out loud. I noticed the pushers were alternating with one up and 3 down and then the next set of four rows, the pushers changed to one up and three down moving over three stitches. So I eliminated the pushers  that were not working and it came out that it was every other one. Huh? Am I confusing you yet? I cast on and knitted and it knitted fine!!!!

Here is the sample of the front and back-reversible pattern with technique 153



So I am happy as could be….no, I was delirious. So I decide to try technique 154. Yep, you know what happened. Half of it knitted right and the other half looked funny. Now technique 154 says it is for heavier yarns. Well, okay, I will try this again to see if I get it and then I will try a heavier yarn. The second time it worked and I figured out it was the pushers on the back bed. Three were not doing their thing (see, pms, right?)  I put in Jaggerspun 2/8 wool yarn that is thicker and it came out okay. It is very pretty but would not know how to set the end stitches so it looks nice and would not know how to start and end if it was a scarf. So, I will just chalk this up to knowing how to do it.

I will tell you one thing about these techniques. Tension for the yarn and the mast are critical. I learned that when I made that scarf a couple of posts back . As for why I had trouble with technique 153, I don’t know. I thought maybe the racking handle was wrong but the needles would have clashed. So it has to be PMS. 🙂



  1. Sheila West Said:

    I no longer have the E6000 but I did keep a copy of the manual and my notes. Tech 153 has incorrect set-up instructions. It should be 2R GX, then 4R N on the back bed with KX on the front bed. Give it another try to see how it goes. Happy New Year and Happy Knitting. I enjoy your blog

    • Thank you Sheila, I knew something was wrong. I suspected the manual was wrong because the console was saying N/N and knitting four rows . My manual has some corrections in it written in pencil so I will be adding another correction. Thanks. I am going to try a scarf because I like the reversible pattern. 🙂

      • Sheila West Said:

        Looking forward to seeing your scarf. Wish I had kept my E6000, best machine ever!

      • You could get another one and teach me!

      • Sheila West Said:

        They are like hen’s teeth here. I keep watching the for sale adds and E-Bay but nothing in my area 😒. One day perhaps…

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