Passap Conversion Charts

I find this sheet to be helpful with the passap machines. I laminated it and it sits by my machine. It has the basic knitting techniques and the settings for the DM 80 and the E6000 .    Here is the link for it to my dropbox.


  1. Kathleen anderson Said:

    Hi Carol, just want to thank you for all the helpful hints and tidbits you send us. I love it when you clean your knitting room :)!

    • LOL! That struck me so funny about liking it when I clean out my knitting room. I feel better afterwards. I think I have over 30 huge notebooks of patterns, plus a 4 drawer cabinet loaded with all patterns and two bookcases of patterns. And I find I don’t know what I have until I start to clean and organize. I hate to admit that I did buy a couple of patterns twice because I forgot I had them. That is really bad huh?
      You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Nancy Johnson Said:

    If I have a pattern for a Passap knit item and as I don’t have a Passap machine and still would like to knit the pattern. How can I use this chart to knit the pattern on a Singer or Studio-. Is there some converseion chart for that , I have not as yet seen one. Any help would be greatly apperciated. Thank-you. And thanks for all the great post you send. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy,I have not seen conversion charts for what you are asking. I think you would have to have a good knowledge of both machines and their capabilities to know whether you could do the same thing.
      Sorry 

  3. Tricia Said:

    Thank you so much for the Conversion Charts for the E6000 & DM80. They have helped me to better understand my machine.
    Re: The hand written note at the end of charts … I know the E6000 has front bed dial with both ‘K’ & ‘L’. I think the DM80 has both front and back bed dials that go from A-H only … therefore I would believe that the note refers to the E6000.

  4. felipe paco Said:

    genial gracias por el dato.

  5. Jessica Owens Said:

    Can I put a link from this page on my FB? I think we have a few people that could really use your conversion chart.

  6. Sophia Said:

    I am hunting for those charts.Please are you willing to share them ?

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