Passap -1, Carol- 0, The machine won!

This passap E6000 WAS my favorite machine until today. (just kidding) I have spent hours trying this technique. I realized that I really needl to get to know my machine and I decided to try the techniques that can not be used with a pattern (like that scarf in the previous post).I am stumped on the first technique I tried which was 153. I called my friend and she had a tough time also. So I tried again and again. I got a design without using the console but it did not appear to be reversible and it was definitely wrong. I went back to using the console and I  managed to do it one time. I looked it up in the pattern book and it is on page 20. Yay, my sample looks just like it. So now I go back and can’t get it at all. My passap is out to tell me how stupid I am.

When I was knitting and it came out right, I think I saw every other pusher come into position so that the needles that knitted off on the front bed after the GX rows , were staggered. If you look closely at the pattern you will see what I am talking about. I tried doing it without the yarn and the pushers come into position on all of the  1×1 needles and did not alternate.

So…. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dare anyone to try this and then tell me how to do it if you succeed. 🙂

I don’t want to have a funeral for my Passap just yet!DSCF5230[1]



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    I am pretty sure I jinxed you !!!! In fact I will take all responsibility….so you just walk away…Come back on Saturday….and you are golden. My jinxes are time limited.
    I think it is those albino floaters !!! Best and Happy Holidays !

    • cckittenknits Said:

      LOL! You are the one that got me to trying this since I realized I really don’t know this machine! I will conquer!!!! Fear not, I will be back. 🙂
      Happy Holidays to you as well but I know I will be talking to you before Christmas. Any idea how long that jinx might last? I want to go back to the machine tonight but am afraid. I only have albino floaters when I go to my blog!

  2. Missy Said:

    Isn’t there a magic button on all knitting machines that once pushed will make the machine produce a fully finished, blocked and perfectly fitting sweater knit garment?

    Please excuse my wry sense of humor. As I type and I glance at the scoreboard in my knitting room the score is a very discouraging: Passap – 3 and Me – 0.

    I think that the answer to the variances in the two swatches lies in your description of the differences you observed with the position of the pushers during the knitting process when the pattern turned out correctly and when it did not.

    My cheat chart for techniques says that Tech. 153 is:

    6 row 2 col Alternate Needle Tuck;
    2R GX/KX, col. 1;
    4R N/KX col. 2
    Notes: Without st. pat = Over Alt. Needles all needles K 2R col.1; Ev. 4th ndl tucks 4R col. 2;
    In FNR, All needles K2R col.1, ev. 4th ndl tucks 4R col. 2

    Is it possible that your pusher set up was different for the two swatches so that every 4th needle was not tucking (if that is a word!) for 4 rows with yarn color 2 at some point?

    Uh…oh my Passap just beeped to remind me that score is really Passap – 5 and Me – 0 since it won the last five matches instead of the 3 that I mentioned above.

    Gotta go and find a machine with a magic button

    • cckittenknits Said:

      Okay Missy, when you find that magic button could you let all the passap people know about it? lol
      I love your sense of humor.
      Okay, I am curious, did you look at 153 in the passap book? It says two rows of N/KX and 4 rows of GX/KX
      I had the pushers and needle set up according to the book . Your settings and rows are the opposite. I am going to have my friend try it again and let me know what her pushers do. I am wondering if I am out of sync with the console. I am going to try again. If I don’t get it I will try tomorrow.
      Don’t go away, I am hoping you will try this and see what happens. Thank you for your input.
      I will let the passap live for now!

      • Missy Said:

        I guess I will share the magic button with you since I love your blog but I have a backlog of 16 sweaters to knit first! Plus I have to knit the 5 sweaters that I couldn’t finish because my Passap won the match

        With the magic button my 21 sweaters should be ready to be gift wrapped in a few hours then you can borrow the magic button. Don’t worry about swatching and letting your swatch rest and carefully tubing your swatch and washing your swatch and knitting your swatch over again to compare the hand of the fabric with different stitch sizes, the magic button does that too!!!

        I have a technique cheat sheet and that is where I look at technique – so I may have the incorrect information or I may have typed in the set-up for a different technique.

        OK. I just looked at my manual and it is says the same as yours – 2R N/KX and 4R GX/KX and this may be a more logical order than the one on my technique cheat sheet which may have come from an out of print magazine.

        My manual also mentions that the color change will not be indicated but that you always change the color when the display for the back lock setting appears.

        But I don’t think that the differences in your two swatches is due to changing the color out of sequence.

        Is it possible that you either had a different needle and pusher set up for your two swatches OR that your entire needle set up was either one needle over to the left or right than the needle setting that you put into the console? OR that you entered a different technique number for the two swatches?

        Please note that the only reason I am asking about these things that you could have possibly done is because on page 174 of my manual in second from last line in the “Note” section, the following words appear: “The computer can not be wrong.”

        So when things don’t turn out the way I expected them to, (I’ve lost count of the times) I know that since the computer can not be wrong, it must be the thing that Passap knitters dread: OE (Operator Error)!

        BUT, my Passap E6000 and the manual for it are old (like me) and I recall at one point there may have been a few errors in some of the older manuals. I can’t recall if there was ever a universally agreed upon correction sheet for all of the errors. If you have one, send it my way.

        It’s a good thing that you are going to let your Passap live. Under the cover of night I once tried t toss mine out of the window and even though it wasn’t plugged in, it started beeping like a smoke alarm and woke everyone up!

  3. Hi Missy, I was just talking to my friend and she did it on her machine and we think we know what the problem is. I went back and tried to do it AGAIN and the pushers that were in work were alternating. So…..I changed the colors and settings at appropriate times and the machine went back to the wrong pushers. When there are four rows of yarn laying in the needles, it should only be laying in every other needle with the one inetween knitting the stitch. It worked on my friends machine .
    I know you said that the book says the computer is never wrong and it is OE. Well that is what I was thinking, it was me. I believe the computer is acting up because of the temperature in my knitting room. It is really cold in there. I have a little fireplace heater and it is blowing near the console. Or it could be static electricity. My friend is going to try it tomorrow and I am going to put my console in the main part of our house to keep it warm and then try it again.
    AND….in my manual that was previously owned, there are a couple of settings that have been changed with a pen. So I believe my manual is older. It came with my first passap. I ended up with a brand new passap but no manual so that might be an issue also. I hope I can post in the next few days that it is Carol 1 and passap 0.
    Thanks for your responses. I am going to go have some icecream and watch a hallmark movie and call it a night!

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