Dennysbrunton Coat on the Brother and Scarf on the Passap


I decided last night to make a scarf for a woman and I have had this little cone of yarn left from a long time ago. I could not remember what I made with it but I like it. It is black with a silver grey in it. When I finished with it , it dawned on me what I made. My sister came over for Thanksgiving and was wearing the coat I made over 15 years ago with the yarn! She forgot to take it home so I took a picture of it.  I think it is a DennysBrunton pattern and I used this yarn as the second color for FairIsle. So I went and took a picture of it with the scarf and it does not Wow me. I do like the scarf by itself though probably on a black coat. Again, I don’t think I will steam the scarf since I like how it hangs looking like scalloped edges and it is thinner.

I know you can’t see the buttons that well but I made them since I could not find anything that looked good with the pattern.

You can left click on the pictures to see the color better.


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    So pretty 🙂

    • Thanks lady. The sad thing is I don’t remember a lot of what I made until my sister or my mother had them on! LOL

  2. Mary Jo Said:

    Love the scarf but then I love everything you do and you may not be impressed with the coat but I would wear it… I love it!! It doesn’t look that old at all. It’s held up very well and it’s beautifully made. Your so talented!!

    • Wow Mary Jo, You are going to give me a big head! Of course you wouldn’t think I was so talented when you saw me trying to accomplish something on the Passap last night. Thank you for your compliment!
      Happy Holidays,
      Carol :)

  3. Said:

    Those are really beautiful,  I really like the co

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