Gossamer Tuck Lace in Bramwell Hobby Yarn




My friend in Maine (Hi Susan) has been asking for help with this scarf. I tried it and posted one sample with 2 strands of 2/24  and one with Jaggerspun Wool 2/8. I could not find the one yarn I wanted to try until today. Susan said my samples did not look exactly like the picture of the scarf in the pattern by Jana Trent. Susan said she had been reading the diagram of the original set up and it looked like you repeated the two stitches next to each other on the back bed after setting up the middle nine. This shows how people have different interpretations of patterns. I assumed when looking at the needle set up and the picture that only the end stitches on the back bed were the only ones next to each other . She said she thought that the two stitches together looked like they repeated across the back needle set up. So now she has me wondering and I told her not to knit anything until I tried it. So back to the knitting room and ready to tell you that I gave you the wrong picture of the set up. Well, maybe not wrong because it knitted nicely with both of the yarns I tried.

So….I found the yarn I was looking for. It is called Hobby by Bramwell and it is a 1/8 yarn. It is very thin and has a little nubby once in awhile.  The first picture is the original set up in my previous posts.(The picture is turned sideways .)  The second picture has the repeat of the two stitches side by side across the back bed. I think it is easy to see that my original set up was right and you can tell because I used a very fine yarn. Now, the second one I don’t want you to laugh at. Because it had the two stitches together on the back bed the scarf pulls in. You would not want this on a shawl but I like it on the scarf because it has texture and I would not even steam the scarf or the sides. Now the joke is…..I could have contacted Jana and solved this real easy. 🙂


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    You just never know what to think !!!! But your work is all beautiful ! I will just always make you do my ground work for me first 🙂
    Thanks for all you help ! Your friend from Maine !

    • I don’t mind doing the ground work as long as I get it right. I jump in and think later. Not so good!

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