Gossamer-tuck-lace-shawl-scarf on the passap E 6000


Needle Set Up

My friend has a passap DM80 and she was having trouble trying to knit this scarf .  She said it is unclear where you put the stitches once you cast on in 1 by 1 rib. So I decided to give it a try but I have the E 6000 and there is no AX on our front beds. So I set up in 1by1 rib and said…Hmmmm….. So guess what the answer is to that? Anywhere they will go to get the correct needle set up. LOL  I started on the right side and set up the first group of needles. Then I went to the back bed and did the same. I went back and forth setting up instead of doing one bed at a time. Some stitches you will double up on the back bed , some will be doubled on the front bed and some will be moved sideways to get the set up. There will not be more than two stitches on any of the needles when you set up. After the needle set up I set the pushers.  So the pattern says to do 6 rosw of AX on the front bed and six rows of AX on the back bed.  On the E6000 the tuck stitch is KX on the front bed and we have AX on our back beds. So now I did not know if the opposite lock for the bed that does not tuck would be N where it knitted or GX where it would hold the pattern. I decided to set the beds to knit on the opposite bed that does not tuck. Yay!!! I guessed right. I did six rows of N/KX and six rows of AX/N. How unique this was to do. The pushers are not set up the same as the needles. In each group of three the middle needle is the needle that gets tucked so it does not have a pusher under it. So while one bed is doing the tuck stitches, the other bed is knitting. Then when you switch your lock settings, the row of tuck stitches will knit off and the other bed starts tucking on the sets of three. I did not want to set up all the needles so I did not follow the left side so the border looks funny. But the right side set up was correct and it has a nice edge (that is at the bottom of the picture since it is sideways instead of up and down). Also, I used two strands of 2/24 yarn so it is not as silky looking. I only did it this way since that was what was threaded in my machine and I know the tensions to use. I hope you give this a try if you have either the DM 80 or the  E 6000. Okay, Susan , now we can do this! I understand it. PM me and we will get you started!

Here is the link to the free  scarf by Jana Trent



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    holy cow I can’t believe you did that since I talked to you!
    it’s gorgeous and do you like it? kudos to figuring that out!

  2. Hi, it has to be done in a finer yarn and higher tension and it will look like hers. Now you need to get on that dm 80 and make it.

  3. Cristina Said:

    Fabulous. I tried 2 days in a row to do it, I have million dropped stitches 😦

    • Aw, I hate to hear that! Is your tension right for the yarn you are using? Are your needles set up in the right order?

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