Kara’s Fingerless Hand Knit Glove done on the Bulky Machine


This is a version of the glove my friend Sheila hand knitted. Here is the link to the pattern to see it. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/karas-fingerless-gloves

Well I made it on the Bulky machine and I like the way it came out. However, I use Mary Anne Ogres 2 by 1 cast on so the seams match but it is way too many stitches.  When I finished increasing for the thumbs the length was good.  I put the 18 thumb stitches on a straight needle and knit 4 rows of garter stitch and I love it.  There is a side seam on the thumb side but you can’t tell because the rib matches up. Also, there is a seam in the thumb and you can’t see that either. Now I am curious to try this on the passap in the ribbing. I used a tension of 3 for the rib. This is also 10 inches in length instead of nine which is no big deal.  I knitted the ribbing and when it was 6 inches I increased out on each side for the thumb. After finishing the increases, I took the thumb off on waste yarn and continued ribbing for two inches. I knitted one row to the left at a higher tension and then knitted one stitch through the other. When I finished with the garter stitch on the thumb, I folded the glove in half and stitched up the seam. Now I will try another one with half the number of stitches than I used on this one. It feels really nice on my hand. I also might try felting this to see what it comes out like….er, maybe not!

The yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool

If you go to my next post, I have the pattern corrected and the glove fits better.


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