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My Passap is the PMS Model

PMS is the only reason I can come up with why my passap is not being nice to me. I tried technique 153 again. Same thing happened. I went and got my extra front lock to see if that would make a difference. Maybe something was broken on my good one. Nope, same thing happened. So I sat and pulled all of the front bed stitches up and all the pushers and set both locks to their settings and knitted without the yarn.  Whoa, what is happening here I said out loud. I noticed the pushers were alternating with one up and 3 down and then the next set of four rows, the pushers changed to one up and three down moving over three stitches. So I eliminated the pushers  that were not working and it came out that it was every other one. Huh? Am I confusing you yet? I cast on and knitted and it knitted fine!!!!

Here is the sample of the front and back-reversible pattern with technique 153



So I am happy as could be….no, I was delirious. So I decide to try technique 154. Yep, you know what happened. Half of it knitted right and the other half looked funny. Now technique 154 says it is for heavier yarns. Well, okay, I will try this again to see if I get it and then I will try a heavier yarn. The second time it worked and I figured out it was the pushers on the back bed. Three were not doing their thing (see, pms, right?)  I put in Jaggerspun 2/8 wool yarn that is thicker and it came out okay. It is very pretty but would not know how to set the end stitches so it looks nice and would not know how to start and end if it was a scarf. So, I will just chalk this up to knowing how to do it.

I will tell you one thing about these techniques. Tension for the yarn and the mast are critical. I learned that when I made that scarf a couple of posts back . As for why I had trouble with technique 153, I don’t know. I thought maybe the racking handle was wrong but the needles would have clashed. So it has to be PMS. 🙂


My Door Mouse….. Rat?

My Door Mouse.....Rat?

My Door Mouse…..Rat?


My husband said this is not a door mouse but a door rat!

This pattern is from a Machine Knitting News Supplement. It is knitted and not felted in the supplement. I did not like the seam down the front of him and I love felting so I decided to see what would happen if I felted him. I just used a size 8 tension. I attached everything before felting including his little vest. As you can see, my vest does not look like the pattern.

felted mouse picture001

Everything was going well until I started to knit the vest. It did not make sense but I knitted it and it was wrong. So I did it how I thought it should be and ended up with the correct amount of rows and stitches.  100% of the time I think I am wrong but I don’t thinks so in this case. Anyway, I like how the little vest turned out. I crocheted around the vest and then I sewed the middle up the front. It did not felt small enough so I cut it up the middle and sewed a button on.

There are two reasons, well, three as to why I made this. The first is that I have a folder of things I want to try to knit and this was on the top. Second, I wanted to see how he would look felted. But the third and real reason is that my passap frustrated me so I started cleaning my knitting room and felt I needed to complete something that I coud get right! lol

So…………….now I will go back to the passap and try another technique.


Diana Sullivan’s Sew as you Go Slipper-Pictures

I tried to take good pictures of Diana Sullivan’s sew as you go slipper while I was doing the other foot to felt. This is NOT the pattern. It is just pictures documented for those of you that have the pattern. I attended a seminar and I only have the pattern to do one size. (fortunately it is the size I want) I have tried to mark the pictures and explain as well as I could. She is a genius to come up with this. It is hard to visualize how the joining takes place and completes the slipper without sewing anything.

Here is the link to the drop box for all of the pictures. You should be able to see these pictures in a larger view and hopefully you can print them if you need to.

Hope this helps.


Felted Slipper Side View

Felted Slipper Side View

Passap Conversion Charts

I find this sheet to be helpful with the passap machines. I laminated it and it sits by my machine. It has the basic knitting techniques and the settings for the DM 80 and the E6000 .    Here is the link for it to my dropbox.

Facts About Yarns

I find this sheet of facts about yarn very helpful. It gives you a starting point to knit yarns on the machine  when you do a tension swatch. Just click on the link.

Sock Pin for a Knitter

Sock Pin

Sock Pin

I was cleaning up my Knitting room and I came across this cute little pattern. It can be made on any machine and with whatever yarn you want. Of course, different yarns will give different sizes. This pattern was in a hand out from a passap yarn  store that used to be here in Cleveland. There is no author or copyright so I am going to share it. A hand knitter could also knit this.

How cute this would be to make and wear to a hand or machine knitting seminar.

The pattern states to use a 2/15 yarn. You cast on 10 stitches on every other needle. I used a  e-wrap . You will knit 20 rows at tension 3. Now hang the hem on the empty needles. Change tension to 5 (20 stitches-may have to increase one stitch) and knit 8 rows . Carriage now on the right. Pull to hold the left 10 needles. Set machine to hold and short row down to 3 stitches on the needles in work (pull one stitch to hold on the carriage side each row)Now short row back out(put one needle back into work opposite the carriage) until all needles back in work. Knit 10 rows of stockinette stitch. Now take off middle ten stitches on one toothpick and five from each side will go on the other toothpick. Leave a tail the length of a yard to wind into a ball. May have to use glue on the last wrap of yarn around ball.

I just cut the toothpicks with one of my new cutters I got for Christmas! lol  Then I tapered the end and put a 4mm bead on each end. I think this would be cute if you used fishing line and made a circular needle. However,I am fresh out of fishing line. 🙂

Don’t bother buying one of those pin backings. I have them and it sticks out too far. Just use a big safety pin.

I also tried one doing a 1×1 rib and it does not look good. You need the thickness of the folded cuff to hide the pin. My sock or unfinished sock I should say is about 2 to 2 and a half inches long.

I also tried making one with variegated sock yarn and it looked weird because the colors don’t change for a long time.

Wonderful Knitting Machine Gift



My husband also bought me this magnetic tool tray. It has three huge magnets on the bottom and it weighs quite a bit so it will stay secure. It is 14 inches long by 6 inches wide. I love it and told him I am going to use it in the winter time for all of my knitting  machine tools. I have them in a can and it keeps tipping over if I catch something in it while knitting. No more tools going under the machine. I know you have to be careful with magnets near the machine but it is sitting on the machine table on the left side away from all electronic parts. My husband paid 19.99 for it. It is a craftsman. He told me that they have a smaller one also. Now I ask you, what man would not go into the Sears store tool section to buy this for his wife?

Diana Sullivan’s Sew as You Go Lined Slippers

Felted Slipper Side View

Felted Slipper Side View
After Felting-Size 8

After Felting-Size 8


Knitted Larger-Before Felting

Knitted Larger-Before Felting


After getting frustrated with trying that technique on my passap I had to walk away. I didn’t walk far though. I decided to sit on the floor and go through stacks of things that I hadn’t filed yet. I came across my hand out from the seminar I went to last September featuring Diana Sullivan . Her sew as you go lined slippers were so cute just knitted. While I was looking at them I decided to try to felt them. I knitted them on the Bulky machine using Natures brown wool and oatmeal for the liner. I used tension 7 for the liner and 8 for the outer part. I was doing well until it came to knitting the last triangle to sew as you go to close them and finish. I had a hand out sheet that was a little harder to do without the whole book and pattern and no pictures. So I left it on the machine and went back to it this morning. I decided to go ahead and knit and see what came out. I figured it out but had picked up the wrong stitch when I started the sew as you go and was a stitch off on the side. I went back and did it again and was successful. It is so nice doing this without sewing together when you are finished. Before I left the house this morning, I felted them and I love them. They are lighter than my other slippers and I think they take less yarn. I quickly felted a flower (that is slightly off center-lol) to see how they would look with a little bit of embellishment.  Now here is my suggestion. Add about 8 to 10 stitches on width if you are going to felt them. This is a woman’s medium.

The reason I would add stitches for width is because the seams on the toe show slightly . If I felted more on this one, they would have been for a child. It only took about 4 minutes to felt these.

In the picture the inside of heel may look funny but it is just the indentation of my shoe stretcher that I put in for drying to my size.

In a week I will try to post how you knit the sew as you go part. I know there is a lot of confusion on it from people that have tried. I also understand that the video has been removed on how to do it. It is simple but when you are told what to do you think huh? that makes no sense. Well worth trying it though.

Passap -1, Carol- 0, The machine won!

This passap E6000 WAS my favorite machine until today. (just kidding) I have spent hours trying this technique. I realized that I really needl to get to know my machine and I decided to try the techniques that can not be used with a pattern (like that scarf in the previous post).I am stumped on the first technique I tried which was 153. I called my friend and she had a tough time also. So I tried again and again. I got a design without using the console but it did not appear to be reversible and it was definitely wrong. I went back to using the console and I  managed to do it one time. I looked it up in the pattern book and it is on page 20. Yay, my sample looks just like it. So now I go back and can’t get it at all. My passap is out to tell me how stupid I am.

When I was knitting and it came out right, I think I saw every other pusher come into position so that the needles that knitted off on the front bed after the GX rows , were staggered. If you look closely at the pattern you will see what I am talking about. I tried doing it without the yarn and the pushers come into position on all of the  1×1 needles and did not alternate.

So…. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dare anyone to try this and then tell me how to do it if you succeed. 🙂

I don’t want to have a funeral for my Passap just yet!DSCF5230[1]


Dennysbrunton Coat on the Brother and Scarf on the Passap


I decided last night to make a scarf for a woman and I have had this little cone of yarn left from a long time ago. I could not remember what I made with it but I like it. It is black with a silver grey in it. When I finished with it , it dawned on me what I made. My sister came over for Thanksgiving and was wearing the coat I made over 15 years ago with the yarn! She forgot to take it home so I took a picture of it.  I think it is a DennysBrunton pattern and I used this yarn as the second color for FairIsle. So I went and took a picture of it with the scarf and it does not Wow me. I do like the scarf by itself though probably on a black coat. Again, I don’t think I will steam the scarf since I like how it hangs looking like scalloped edges and it is thinner.

I know you can’t see the buttons that well but I made them since I could not find anything that looked good with the pattern.

You can left click on the pictures to see the color better.

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