Diana Sullivan’s Entrelac Machine Knitted Hat




In September I went to a knitting machine seminar with Diana Sullivan as the demonstrator. It was excellent for beginners and advanced. I have done entrelac before but never saw where I would use it. I loved her hat when I saw it. I stayed up late  the other night just so I could finish it and see how it came out. I did this on the Bulky Brother but it can be done on any machine. This took me well into the hours of the night because there was an error in typing and I couldn’t figure it out. So I guessed and I was right.  However, I did not take any of the scrap yarn off of the eight points in case it was wrong and I had to rip back to the previous rows. Well that left a lot of strings hanging. And, as the work was getting smaller near the top I thought I would end up with dropped stitches. I didn’t and I am happy with the hat. Now I did get the yarn on sale but I will still make another one to justify the cost. I used Red Heart Worsted Weight (4) Super Saver. The colors are Buff Chamois and Aspen print. There is buff color in the variegated yarn . In the picture it does not look like it matches. It took almost 3 ounces of yarn for this hat so I will be able to make quite a few. This is a great hat to make with left over yarns. I recommend that everyone try the entrelac at least once. I would strongly recommend different colors for the rows so you don’t get confused.

And now the funny part. This hat does not look good on me! lololol

This looks great on women with longer hair. Mine disappears under the hat and it does not look good.  Of course, it is warm and would be great walking the dog at night in the dark. It fits snuggly on my head and I would probably add another block when I make it again.

I showed it to my husband when I was done and he said “It looks like a basket weave” and I said, it is but it is called entrelac and he said ” I knew they couldn’t just call it basketweave! “


  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Very neat. I am not a fan of Entrelac, like you couldn’t see where I would use it, but the hat looks great…and I bet it does on you too! Might almost be tempted to do that, especially since it was on the bulky 🙂

    • No, it does not look good on me! Hee Hee. I hope you try it. The great thing is that it does not tie up your machine if you want to make something else. You remove the hat each time you do a square.
      If I used this in a sweater, it would have to be on a standard gauge machine since it would be a bit heavy in a worsted weight. I think. 🙂

  2. Leola Said:

    I love your hat and the colours you chose. I smiled at your husband’s comment. I wish I would get brave enough to try this hat. Your colours would look gorgeous on a sweater as well. I ejnjoy your newsletters. They inspire me.

  3. Carol Said:

    Thank you Leola! I inspire you? Music to my ears!

  4. Joyce Said:

    I love it! It is so different but alas it is made on a bulky. 😦

    • Thank you Joyce. Sorry, I do love my Bulky too. It can be done on the other machines too. 🙂

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