Passap Nativity Afghan

Nativity Scene


You won’t believe how I came to knitting this pattern. A magazine came in the mail and this picture was in it. I usually scan them and work from there with three programs. I had my camera handy and decided to take a close up picture of it. I did that and then I opened my picture manager and cropped it so I had just the picture. I opened it in win/crea and the size came out 178 stitches  by 230 rows!!! The only thing I had to do was make sure the borders came out even. I had nine stitches in navy on each side but when I did up a swatch the sides looked a little wider than the bottom so I changed a navy column to light taupe. I also had to correct some of the stars and that was it. I love how his staff goes into the side border. Oh, I also took it into win crea to reduce  colors but when it went to two colors, the pattern was lost. I took it into DAK and used four colors. One color was black and two were light pink and one was white. So I changed the light pinks to white and this is what I came up with. I wasn’t going to make afghans but I just had to knit this up. I used a dark navy and a light taupe. This was the easiest conversion to a knitting pattern that I have ever done. I am going to try to do this with a photo and see what happens. I used technique 187 .

Here is my drop box link for the pattern also. Please try this first.

If you have trouble email me at It is too hard to attach files out of wordpress.


  1. aaltje Said:

    That is a realy wonderfull job! Thank you very much for the details.

  2. Collette Said:

    Wow! this is so Beautiful

    • Thank you Collette. I wish I could get a better picture of the colors. I might try one in cream and off white. 🙂

  3. happyharper1 Said:

    LOVE IT!! I would like to buy the pattern if I can. I don’t get any time with my machines right now but I would still love to knit this one up.

    • You don’t have to buy the pattern. It is free if you go to the link for my dropbox. You can right click on the first picture and save as a bmp for win/crea. Or send me an email and I can attach it. You should be able to print out the instructions or save them to your computer and print them out. If you need any help, email me at
      Carol 🙂

      • Betty Said:

        Dear Carol, The Nativity Afghan is so beautiful. If I were younger I am sure I would plan to buy a Passap. When I was younger and would have been able to have a Passap I had no desire for one. Why were computors generally not around then. I’m talking about the 60s and 70s. If only your column had been available then Thank you so much for sharing your talents xxx

      • Thank you Betty for your kind words. My friend who is 70 just bought a passap. I wish the internet had been around when I was learning my Brother machine! Like you, I also had no desire for a passap but I did not have the money to buy one at that time! lol My sister paid $3,000.00 for hers and it is not being used. She asked if I wanted it but I could not take it. I found one and it is now my favorite of my three machines.
        Carol 🙂

      • Betty Said:

        Dear Carol, Yes, 70 is quite a good age to buy something so wonderful and challenging, but I am 82 and think I would never get my mind around a Passap. I don’t even use my Brother very often, though I love it dearly.

        Thank you again for your generous posts. xxx

      • I never figured you for 82. We have one woman in a knitting group that is 84 but slowing down on machine knitting. I hope to keep going for awhile longer. 🙂
        Glad you still enjoy looking!

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