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Nothing Knitted but a Darn Good Laugh!!!


Okay, are you laughing yet? My husband and I are still laughing. When I took the coat off of Petey,  he looked like he wanted it back on again! I saw this a week ago at the store for 3.99 . I thought it would fit him but wasn’t sure. Had to go out for treats for him because I forgot to buy them. Told my hubby about this and he said “And I bet you are going to buy it for him” So I did.  The jeans are attached and it snaps on the chest and underbody. And….it keeps his ears warm since he still likes to go for walks in the winter. Are you still laughing? Well, I asked the man at the store if he thought this was too girly for a male dog and he said “Who would know it is a male dog?” Yes!!!

So, my husband and I sat there laughing until tears came into our eyes. If I don’t use it , it was good for the laugh! Maybe I could find some black boots to go with it. LOLOLOL

Husband has been ill so I have not been knitting but will get back to it soon. 🙂


Passap Nativity Afghan

Nativity Scene


You won’t believe how I came to knitting this pattern. A magazine came in the mail and this picture was in it. I usually scan them and work from there with three programs. I had my camera handy and decided to take a close up picture of it. I did that and then I opened my picture manager and cropped it so I had just the picture. I opened it in win/crea and the size came out 178 stitches  by 230 rows!!! The only thing I had to do was make sure the borders came out even. I had nine stitches in navy on each side but when I did up a swatch the sides looked a little wider than the bottom so I changed a navy column to light taupe. I also had to correct some of the stars and that was it. I love how his staff goes into the side border. Oh, I also took it into win crea to reduce  colors but when it went to two colors, the pattern was lost. I took it into DAK and used four colors. One color was black and two were light pink and one was white. So I changed the light pinks to white and this is what I came up with. I wasn’t going to make afghans but I just had to knit this up. I used a dark navy and a light taupe. This was the easiest conversion to a knitting pattern that I have ever done. I am going to try to do this with a photo and see what happens. I used technique 187 .

Here is my drop box link for the pattern also. Please try this first.

If you have trouble email me at It is too hard to attach files out of wordpress.