Passap Sock by Vera Hutton

First Sock

First Sock

Second Sock with Wrapped Stitches

Second Sock with Wrapped Stitches

Short rowed wrapped heal

Short rowed wrapped heal



If you have always wanted to make socks but were afraid you couldn’t do it, this is the sock you have to try!  The pattern is for the DM 80 and the E 6000 .The pattern is shared by Vera Hutton and the link is

I have made tons of socks on the machines and this is a keeper. You don’t even have to use weights when short rowing because the stitches do not pop up. She says you can make one in a half hour and she is right. I used two strands of 2/29 that you can get new on ebay by seller Colobriyarns. Her shop is called GloKnit.

This came out perfect for my foot at her tensions. You will see a line across the top of the toe.  That is the cast on at tension 1. No hanging the cast on comb. You are starting at the toe and working up. You short row the toe, knit circular and then short row the heel and then do the ankle circular and then do the  rib in two parts. It is by far one of the easiest patterns. I recommend using your decker combs when it comes to the ribbing because if you cast off with waste yarn it will be hard to pick up stitches since they are so small.

I love how she says to start the ribbing. You use the decker combs to take off the back bed stitches and drop between the beds. You will be doing the rib on the front bed. (there will be two seams up the sides of leg) On the front bed you will have every needle in work. You then set up the back bed in 1X1 rib the way that she tells you. If you follow her directions the seams come out perfectly on the sides.

When you finish the rib she tells you to take off on waste yarn. So I did that . You will fold the waste yarn down and start at the end of the rib where there is no tail of yarn and latch tool one stitch through the other and when you get to the end stitch you will pull the tail of yarn through to finish that half. I thought it would be tight but the fact that you have 36 stitches from FB and 18 needles from back bed compensate for a tight edge. The rib comes out like a 2 by 1 rib and is very stretchy and stays up. I did my sock twice the length for the rib because I don’t like cold ankles.

Now if you try this, and I hope you will, when you set up for the rib you may have to turn your racking handle down to get the set up relation she is talking about for the rib.

AND the second thing  is you should wrap the stitches when you short row. I wish a pattern would tell you this . It is not always a given with the Brother to wrap when you short row so it should be stated in the pattern if you should or shouldn’t do it. Unless on the passap you are always supposed to do that. Any way, the first sock I did I did not wrap stitches and the toe came out fine. At the heel there were very nice holes! On my pair, on the first sock I just laid the yarn in the needle to wrap and on the second sock I actually wrapped around the needle. They sort of look the same but I would recommend wrapping the stitch . Left click on the picture to see it up close

Awhile back I showed a latch tool that you buy from the Beauty stores that is for hair extensions. It is very very tiny. This was perfect for latching up the ribbing.

Hair extension tool and knitting latch tool

Hair extension tool and knitting latch tool

If you want the two techniques for short row wrapping on the passap  click on the drop box link below.


  1. Cheryl Bratten Said:

    I would love to have the short row techniques. Have you ever thought about doing YouTube videos? Passap knitting is so wonderful to watch. Thanks Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl, I will send you the information. I don’t know that I would be good at a video.
      I was just at a seminar with Diana Sullivan and she is excellent. She can talk, think and knit at the same time. I can’t do that! I also feel I am still new to the passap machine..
      Carol 🙂

  2. Julienne Burns Said:

    I sat down to the computer to try to find a passap toe-up sock pattern and found your link in my inbox. How about that for a great coincidence?! Thank you so much. And may I too receive the short-row wrapping techniques? You are the best.

    • Thank you, but not hardly the best. lol
      I sent them to you.
      Carol 🙂

  3. Betty Said:

    I feel a terrible pest, but can this sock be knitted on a Brother machine? I love your articles and will copy any that I feel I can on my Brother, but am a bit afraid of trying this one, although I have knitted lots of socks over the years on the flatbed.(only once circular). Will understand if you are not able to do this. Thank you anyway xxx

    • Hi Betty, I went and tried it on the Brother electronic machine and it was very difficult. I tried first using the bottom bed for the toe but the stitches had to be heavily weighted. I managed to get through the toe part and knit circular. I had trouble even knitting circular. The stitches were not knitting off even with weights. Then I tried it using the main bed and it was easier but still had trouble with stitches not knitting off. I would leave this patter for the passap people because it is really easy to do on that machine. It is not user friendly on the Brother. Sorry 😦

      • Betty Said:

        Dear Carol, Thank you so much for your reply. I so much appreciate the time and effort you have put in to try it out on a Brother. I am even fonder of your column now that I know you care so much for what you are doing and I will keep looking for your great ideas that can be knitted on a Japanese

      • You’re welcome Betty. If you go to the older posts in my blog, I think I have more things done on the Brother because I did not get my passap until a couple of years ago.
        Carol 🙂

  4. Lois Stacey Said:

    Carol. thanks for posting socks, could you forward me the techniques for short rowing please
    Many thanks
    Lois from Aussieland

  5. Collette Parliament Said:

    Could I get the short row wrapping on the Passap instructions? Thank you’ Collette


  6. Lois Stacey Said:

    Thanks Carol, managed to download from link , don`t know why it doesn`t come through normal channels.Lois from Ausieland

  7. Cristina Said:

    The pattern doesn’t exist anymore:( I would love to try them

  8. Millie Said:

    I would love to try this pattern but the link will not work, is it available anywhere else please?

  9. agnes Devine Said:

    the old duematic ins book has ins for socks easy ones.

    • Thank you Agnes, Nice to know and others will appreciate the information.

  10. Desiree Kumpf Said:

    The link for the sock pattern doesn’t work anymore, so I am wondering if you still have the pattern or if it’s available anywhere else?

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