Vertical Ripple Two Color Scarf

2 Color Vertical Ripple Scarf

2 Color Vertical Ripple Scarf

I knitted a scarf using the Vertical Ripple Pattern by Teryl Hollins that I have shown in the previous posts. The colors are taupe and black. If I lighten the picture it appears gray and black. I want to point out a couple of things if you try this technique. First, use thin yarn . I used a tension of 4 on both beds and one strand of 224 yarn. Secondly, MOVE YOUR WORK TO THE RIGHT OF THE BED TO AVOID LOOPS.  I used 40 stitches and should have put the pattern on needles 30 to 70 right of “O”. I had to constantly watch for loops with the first color which is the first mast furthest from the color changer.

The picture below shows the front side and back side of the scarf. You can see on the left edge before it folds over that it is one color and on the other side it is the second color.



I learned something making this. I had the yarn break when I pulled to tighten up for loops on edge. It was very difficult to back up. I ripped out the rows and started again only to have it go out of pattern.  So I looked up the technique and the pattern and saw what the stitches were doing. Made it easier to back up. I think what happened when I started again is that the back bed pushers were opposite the front pushers and not according to my diagram. I am going to do a test piece again and see what happens when the pushers move.  I had done 778 rows and did not want to take the chance of being wrong again so I backed up and took off the machine. The scarf is long enough.

I have a black leather pin on it that I bought from JUL designs at



  1. aaltje Said:

    Hi Carol,,
    I like your scarf and appreciate your notes. Can you tell me: T129 is a singlebed technique, it works for doublebed too? Shouldn’t I use an arrow key on the backbed and how did you do the finishing? Sorry for so many questions, I hope you can give the answers!

    • Hi, yes it is a single bed technique but the more I knit on the passap the more I find out that you can fool the computer. lol I will send you a more detailed email . For finishing I just knit 3 C/X rows ending up on the left side of the machine. Changed to N/N and tension 7 and knit to the left just one row. Then you latch tool the stitches off from one bed to the other. I prefer to take it off circular on waste yarn and do that. It is much easier and quicker for me. Hope this helps.

      • OOPS! I did not write down how I did this but I had to have done one row at N/N and then 3 rows of C/X to end up on the right side and then one last row of N/N at tension 7. The yarn is so thin that you needed to do more to match the amount of color at the beginning. Try it on a sample first to see if this is right.

  2. Tanya Said:

    Thank you for sharing this project. The result is absolutely beautiful!

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