Miniature Sweater

I found the cutest hangers at the craft store. So I had to make a little sweater to go on it. End of story






  1. please send wine bottle patterns Said:

    too cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iS THERE A “PATTERN” PERHAPS ??

    • Carol Said:

      I made it up as I knitted but I can remember what I did and will write it down and email you . Would you like me to mail you a hanger?
      Carol 🙂

      • EvaMary Surtel Said:

        Carol you are “such a sweetheart ” Draw an outline of the hanger and send it , and I can look at Michae’ls ( Craft Store ) and see if they have any. I usually make mine out of large Paper clips, silver or gold. ( Frugal Great Grandma) or sometimes I can fine small wooden ones that work well for Barbi Type sweaters. My Mailing address is 394- H -Craig St. Parksville British Columbia Canada V9P1L4 Bless you dear lady EvaMary Surtel

      • Hi EvaMary, I used to make my own too and just not worth it. I found both kinds of hangers I bought from Pat Catans, at a site where you can see them . They are made by Darice. The wooden ones are under heading Craft basics and then Timeless Minis. The metal ones are under Craft basics and then Novelty Miniatures. Here is the link.

        They are $1.27 a pack . There were 4 wooden ones in pack and three metal ones to a pack. Hope this helps.
        Carol 🙂

      • OOPS! Not thinking today. Go to Craft Basics on home page and then Miniatures and then follow my email to the site where they are. Sorry. ;(

  2. Joyce Said:

    Very Cute!

  3. Missy Said:

    This sweater is so cute. Please send me the pattern if you can. When I saw this pattern I immediately envisioned a pair of miniature elf shoes to match!!!

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