Passap Vertical Ripple Racking Pattern

Vertical Ripple One Color

Vertical Ripple One Color

Vertical Ripple with 2 Color Vertical Stripes

Vertical Ripple with 2 Color Vertical Stripes

OMG, I found the directions for these patterns in the 1995 Passap University Book? The huge one with about 300 pages. The author of this pattern is Teryl Hollins . This is so unique I had to do the first two and share them with you before doing the others. These can be done on the Passap E 6000 and the DM-80 without the deco.  I tried the first time using a solid color but used two strands of 224. It was too thick. It draped nicely and  I would knit it with that yarn if I wanted a scarf for walking the dog . The blue solid is a 2/8 yarn I believe and it worked nicely. If you look up close at the patterns (click on picture) you can see the racking every two rows.  Now don’t say “yuck” I don’t like racking. No problem. With the two color it is easier. The needles are in correct needle set up according to the needle rule. Then you knit two rows with color one and rack the handle to the left and knit the second color. If you forget you just have to look at the needle set up. If it is correct it is color one to knit. If it is out of correct needle rule you knit with the second color. So now I try the two color and I can’t figure how it comes out the way it does(yes I can :)) On the two colors I used one strand of 224 for each color and it comes out so nice and soft . It is really strange because you change colors every two rows and rack every two rows and you get VERTICAL stripes instead of horizontal! And….on one side where the mauve color is , it is white on the opposite side.  If you try this make sure your mast tension is good so that you don’t get edge loops.


The E6000 uses pattern 1128 and technique 129 and the DM 80 just does a manual set up.  The settings for the 6000 are AX/KX and the DM80 is AX/AX.

To set up the pushers on both beds you put the wracking handle up after the SX/GX rows of setting up pattern. On the BB you set up five pushers in work and five out of work across the row. On the FB you do the same with the first five in work and the next five out of work. Then you put the racking handle down and start to knit. Knit 2 rows, rack 1 turn left, knit 2 rows rack one turn to right. Repeat.

If you would like more detailed instructions email me. I hope you try this because it was fun and the fabric it produces is pretty.



  1. Susan McBean Said:

    Take me back to 1995 …please…or at least my brain. I am sure this will make sense when (operative word…) I am doing this. Thanks for another great find !

    • You’re welcome. Now I want you to do it and send me a picture of it. Teachers orders! 🙂

  2. Joyce Said:

    This is such a neat technique. I love it! Joyce

  3. knittaxa Said:

    This is very interesting. Would you be so kind and make a little drawing of the setting (on the DM80)? I really would love to test this pattern.

  4. Said:

    You have “ done it again dear lady” Could you please send a more detailed info sheet for a DM80. I dearly love the pattern, and would like to try a baby blanket or small afghan as Christmas is just around the corner ( OH MY !!) Thanking you in advance. Great Grandma Surtel Parksville, British Columbia Canada

  5. anne Said:

    love your stuff. can you do this on a brother bulky?

    • Thank you Anne. I don’t think it would be possible because of passaps use of the pushers.
      Carol 🙂

  6. Michelle Said:

    It can be done on a Brother or Singer with single color or horizontal stripes. An example can be found in my projects on Ravelry. “Chevron scarf” by ridelikethewind.

    • Hi Michelle, Your scarf is absolutely beautiful! It is similar but the passap is different for this pattern. Where the color is on the right side, the opposite color is on the wrong side.
      Thank you for sending me to your ravelry site.
      Carol 🙂

      • Michelle Said:

        Ah, how wonderful. I’m hoping to add a Passap to my collection one day.

      • I have been a Brother owner for over 30 years and now I love the passap the most. You are such an accomplished machine knitter and I am sure you could work wonders with the passap.
        Carol 🙂

      • Michelle Said:

        Carol, your words are too kind. Thank you. Love following your blog.

      • Michelle Goodhand Said:

        Hi Carol,

        I bought your fingerless mitts from your store! I could make them, but how nice to have something handmade from you!

        I would love to know how you made the flower on the pink felted clogs, picture dated 1-24-2013. Is it i-cord?


        Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 13:48:23 +0000 To:

  7. I knit on a Passap E6000 and would like to do this scarf in two Colors. I am confused because you do it on two beds, but state that for the E6000 Pattern 1128 and technique 129 is used.
    Yet technique 129 uses only front bed.
    Can you please help me?

  8. Letitia Said:

    I know that it has been a while since this project was posted, but could you provide me with the DM80 setup? This looks like it will help with my ongoing education in how not to make side loops.

  9. Alysha McDonald Said:

    I realize this is a very old post, but would you happen to still have this pattern? I got a Passap University Binder for 1989 when I got my Duo 80, but it doesn’t have this pattern in it. I would love to try it out if possible. Thank you.

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