Another Angel Knitted on the Passap

Angel with a Star

Angel with a Star

Yep, found another cone! lol  If anyone decides to make one of these I would recommend the cones that have a real small opening at the top. It is easier to glue the head on . This is from the same Sandy Ewing pattern that is free on her site.

I made this angel with a 3/15 red yarn that is the same as the other one I made. I decided to try a scallop trim along the bottom of the dress( like the wings) but it was too hard to add to the dress while on the machine. So I hand sewed each stitch to the dress around the angel. Of course I made the trim first. I made a scalloped gold trim for around the neck looking more like a little shawl instead of a turtleneck. I started the angels wings with the same gold yarn. This time I  made two arms and little white mittens from the same yarn that I used for the wings so she could hold the star.  The star stem matches the halo. This little angel also has a different face than the other one. She had the same yellow hair but I gave her a trim and then   gave her a new color “do”. lol

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