Using Brother Tools on the Passap


I went back to knit some more little stockings and I realized in looking at the last stocking that the heel looks funny. Sort of like too many rows. So I went and tried again and this looks better. However, while knitting this little stocking I usually put cord through the heel stitches before short rowing to hold them down. I showed that on a previous blog posting. However, I saw the weight hanger sitting on my brother and I thought it was perfect. I just opened the beds of the passap. I slipped the weight holder down into the sock  with the claws pointing towards me and closed the beds. It was easier than trying to get a weight between the beds from the bottom and catching on the stitches.I then hung the lighter Brother ribber weight as my passap ones are too heavy. The white claw weights of the passap are too heavy also for this little sock. It worked nicely.



  1. Missy Said:

    This stocking is so cute. If you can share the pattern or direct me to where I can find it, please do. Thank you!

    • Do you have a passap or Brother machine? I took the cuff from one pattern and the sock part from another and then wrote up what I did . Do you have a stitch ditcher also?

      • Missy Said:

        I have a Passap and a stitch ditcher. Recently I acquired an old Brother (KH341) machine that folds up.

  2. Linda Lanese Said:

    Too cute Carol!

    • Missy Said:

      Yes, I think what makes it even cuter is seeing the size of it next to the Brother knitting tools!

    • Carol Said:

      Thank you lady!

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