Passap Lace with the Stitch Ditcher again

Acrylic with Angora yarn

Acrylic with Angora yarn

I tried another pattern and a different yarn with the stitch ditcher and the lace technique 253. I had this pretty yarn and thought it would come out beautiful but the pattern does not show as well as a finer plain yarn. I did try something on finishing the edges that works well. I only made this as a sample but will try it on the real scarf. The next picture shows the front of the scarf. I programmed the design on 32 stitches and then added three stitches for plain knitting on each end. I loosened the tension to 6 on the back bed and 4 on the front bed where the stitches drop off. I loosened the tension mast also.  Both edges look the same . However in the last picture ,  on the back I took another piece of the scarf yarn and used the latch tool to crochet up the edge on the purl side of the work. I did it quickly so it is not as neat as I would like it. Then I steamed it to see if it would work before going up the whole side. It lays much nicer and does not roll. Both sides look the same but feel different.  However, the yarn is scratchy on my neck so would not use this for a scarf.  Double mouse click on the last picture and you can see the difference.

Front Edges

Front Edges

Back side

Back side





  1. Susan McBean Said:

    As always, lovely ! You are my stitch ditcher queen. In the close up of the 2nd picture you can see the hairs that are probably scratching your neck ! It is an interesting pattern. Is it possible to do k1p1 on those edge stitches so they don’t roll ? Thanks

    • Carol Said:

      Hi Susan, I thought about that but when a pusher is in working position it gets dropped by the stitch ditcher. Hmmm, I probably could manually put pushers for the k1p1 out of work every two rows so they would not drop. Thanks for the idea. Will have to try it

  2. Said:

    Where can I obtain one of these wonderful gadgets in Canada please ??????????? You have done a wealth of lovely work now, and the previous Post. Keep it up please !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you! Thank You Mary. I bought the stitch ditcher on ebay but this woman has a shop called Knit & Sew and link is

      You might want to email her and see if she will ship to Canada. Her phone number is 610-792-1202 and she is in Spring City, Pa
      Good Luck
      Carol 🙂

  3. Nancy Andrews Said:

    Just a quick question, does the stitch ditcher work on the E6? Thanks, NancyinItasca


    • Hi Nancy, Yes it does. I did this on the E6000. The directions that came with the stitch ditcher are for the DM80 and the E6000.
      Carol 🙂

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