Passap Doggie Blanket

Yardee's Doggie Blanket

Yardee’s Doggie Blanket

There is a Jack Russell dog called Yardee that lives on our street. When his owner drove up the street and stopped to talk to me Yardee was sitting like a human in the passenger seat with a seat belt on. He did not growl, bark or try to get up. He just looked at us. I noticed dog hair on the seat and decided to make Yardee a seat cover so his hair stays on the blanket and it can be washed.

I am not happy with the dog paws and have to redo them though you can tell what they are and Yardee won’t care!

I used 150 stitches and technique 183 . The pattern is 109 rows (436 total). I like the size which is 24 by 29. I could even go smaller if I wanted to cover just the seat. I used TD 5 and 224 yarn. The colors are black and grey .

I am thinking of selling them in my Etsy store  with just the paw prints and then extra if I personalize them with the dogs name.

Awhile back I made a red one with black paw prints to use as fabric for a dog coat but the paws were too big so I use it in my red car for a seat cover instead. It draws chuckles every time someone sees it.

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