Tell Me Your Knitting Room Does Not Get Like This!

Knitting room Before

OMG! It finally got to me! Between trying the carpet stitch on the passap and then slippers on the 940 and now going to the Bulky I could not go on until I straightened up.  And now I feel better. Especially since I found a set of orange strippers on the floor, my extra two weights for the passap, my longest passap comb and MOST of all, the lace carriage for the 965i that I sold!!! Finding the lace carriage was worth making the mess to find it! lol

Now here’s the after picture and I can now go off to work with a good feeling. It will be a never ending job still organizing patterns and books but that is okay. The winter time will be here before you know it. 🙂




  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    LOL, that means you are busy working 🙂

  2. Susan McBean Said:

    Hi, it looks great ! I think the picture with the ribbons is crooked tho ! LOL. Received envelope today…don’t have deco, but it looks nice ! Thanks ! 🙂

    • No, the picture is not crooked. I was leaning while I took the picture! LOLOLOLOL

  3. Betty Said:

    I completely feel for you. My room is never tidy, but after a particularly hectic time, my Sister came into the room and was horrified at the jumble. It didn’t take long to get it into a sort of order, and it feels good to have it that way, but then I haven’t worked in there yet. I would love to be a tidy worker but would sooner get things done and have a mess than have a tidy room just to look at (that’s my excuse anyway)
    Thank you so much for your articles, I love them and especially when I can apply them to my Brother 892. xxx

    • Hi Betty, you couldn’t have said it better than this!
      ” I would love to be a tidy worker but would sooner get things done and have a mess than have a tidy room just to look at . As soon as I go do something it will be a mess again. Mainly because I have to go to another part of the house and bring in all the yarns I want to try. I usually straighten up after each project but I was on a roll and there was no stopping me! lol
      Carol 🙂

  4. happyharper1 Said:

    If my room was CLEAN it would look like your before picture. I did the mistake of running out of room in my bookcases for all my patterns and info. Found a used letter size 4 drawer file cabinet so now my cutting table is 10 inches deep with patterns, tech info on ALL my machines and ideas while the floor is covered in binders I am taking patterns and stuff out of so I can FIND them. In the meantime I am finding MORE stuff to stuff in there and so someday I hope to be able to MOVE about the room without having to stumble over something. Did I say I also bought a 4 foot plotter printer so when I print out sewing patterns they aren’t sheets after sheets of printer paper? LOL It was so full I had to kick my hubby out of his tiny corner so I had the room. Now I want to add a closet off one side just so I can have all my fabric/yarn out of the “kitchen” area. I can’t find the fridge hardly with Sally (dress dummy) taking up the floor space in there as well as an antique dresser I inherited from hubby’s Mom. I should just buy a new Tuff Shed 20 X 24 and start over! It would probably only stay clean for a year, MAYBE

    • I am in the process of what you are doing. I ran out of room with two bookcases. I have a four drawer file cabinet in my computer room and I am slowly moving things into order. It is kind of fun on a rainy day to do that. It will take forever but that is okay. I am into felting now but I keep that in my computer room. Knitting room is just for knitting. 🙂
      All of you that respond are making me laugh and feel good. hee hee

  5. anne Said:

    good job

    • Thank you Anne, It still needs improving. Once I finish the slipper socks, all the yarn under the one machine will go back into a bin. Then onto my other projects. 🙂

  6. Charlene Said:

    Yes, I admit it….I’m the before picture. 😉

    • Carol Said:

      Lol all of you are making me laugh AND feel better!

      • Charlene Said:

        😉 I did manage to shift things around and vacuum this morning. At least the part I could see.

      • What is a vacuum? lol

      • Charlene Said:

        That got a giggle!

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