Stitch Ditcher on the Passap Machine

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher



OMG I love this little gadget! I like the carpet stitch but when I posted the carpet stitch in my blog I was using a straight edge piece of plastic to release the stitches each time I had to dump the stitches . It took awhile to do but not unreasonably long. Well…..until I tried this little guy! It just glides over the bed one two three!! I had to try a sample just to see how it works. I used a pattern in the passap book but I did not do the larger loops. I think you can still see the effect. I hope to do the carpet stitch jacket and this will get my you know what in gear. My friend Jacqui was really nice to let me know she saw one on ebay. Thank you Jacqui!!!


  1. happyharper1 Said:

    I bought mine too from ebay. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but will really soon I love Fall because I have a bit more of that illusive commodity, spare time!

    • I hear you. I don’t work much now and I am having fun playing around. Hope you get to try it soon.
      Carol πŸ™‚

  2. Betty Said:

    Ages ago I had a Singer machine and a gadget something like yours came with it. I didn’t ever try the carpet stitch, but would love to now. My machine is now Brother 892. Must see if I can somehow mange it. Had never thought about doing a coat. Just thought things like towels But a coat would be lovely xxx

    • Good luck. I hope you try to figure something out for your machine.
      Carol πŸ™‚

  3. Charlene Said:

    What an interesting gadget. I’ve never heard of this before. Of course, I don’t have a Passap either. Looks like loads of fun.

    • Well Charlene, You are just going to have to buy a Passap machine!! lol
      Carol πŸ™‚

      • Charlene Said:

        Many years ago, my Papa bought me one of those and a Brother 260 at a local auction for $10.00. I tried to find anyone in the area who could help me learn how to use them. No dice! SO I sold the Passap and was able to learn the 260. Wish I had kept the Passap, but it was instrumental in purchasing all that was missing of the 260. All in all it was an excellent deal.

      • Yes, I would say so! I love my Bulky 260.
        Carol πŸ™‚

  4. Michelle Said:

    I am a new Passap 80 owner. I thought that I had every gadget but somehow missed this one! Can you please explain in a bit more detail how it works, I want to start doing some very basic patterns. Thanks in advance.

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