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Felted Clog Slippers with a Needle Felted Poppy

poppy felted clogs



My ADHD is taking me all over with my different crafts. I had these slippers made quite awhile ago but I needed a product called Very Velvet for the black stamens in the flower. It was priced at 3.25 to 3.75 for about five yards I think but the shipping was $7.00!!!!!!!

I don’t mind paying for some things but when the shipping is more than the product, that is ridiculous. You can mail items  under 13 ounces for pennies. So these sat and then I got an idea while in JoAnn Fabric store. You will see what I used in the picture below. Didn’t cost me anything since I had some left over in my house. Took less than a half yard! I wrapped it around the green middle and needle felted it in. Then I picked the little hairs to stand up and then trimmed short. Works for me!!!





Knitted Witch on the Brother 940

I'll Get You My Pretty!

I’ll Get You My Pretty!

I was in a bad mood yesterday and don’t know why. I locked my knitting room door at five and did not come out until 10 pm to walk the dog. This is what I came out with!

I knitted this witch a couple of years ago but did it a little differently from the pattern. I followed the small size but I made the dress arms first and attached on the 82nd row of knitting the dress. I also decreased the sleeves so they were not so bulky at the shoulder. On the body I just started with the neck and followed the tension and pattern for the small size.I also knitted the hat but on this one I used the hat it came with.  Years ago I bought several of the witch heads with hands for 2.99 at Pat Catan’s. I can’t believe I used the Brother without my color changer. My next one will be on the passap.

This pattern is from Machine Knitters Source 2001 September, October issue.

It is funny because in article is says www. I believe it might have been a hand knitting pattern converted to machine by the woman who is given credit in the magazine. Also, the larger one is done with Red Heart and can be done on the Bulky machine. If you don’t have an electronic machine you can just hand pull the stitches for the pumpkins since they are only ten rows. I included a picture of the witch in the magazine and you can knit the head and nose if you want to. I didn’t!

Total length is about 16 inches to the top of her head. I wish she had a mean looking face though.  I thought I would see if she sells in my Etsy store.




Passap Lace in Different Patterns using Stitch Ditcher

I decided to try some more patterns using the stitch ditcher and lace technique 253. It is hard for me to visualize the outcome from the graphs. If you get your passap pattern book out you will see that the stitches that drop are the ones in black squares. I put the pattern numbers on each one for you to look at them.

I also tried adding side stitches and wanted to try to do knit1purl1 edging but it does not matter if you put the pushers out of work because the stitch ditcher removes all stitches on entire row of needles. In other words, all of the needles go up and then they all go down so there is no way of saving the end stitches for k1p1. So then I tried leaving the 4th needle out of work on the back bed.  I crocheted up the ladders and it had a nice affect and it lays nicely but I would  leave the 3rd needle out of work instead.  In fact, leaving 3rd and 5th out of work would make it even better. I think it would take too long to crochet an edge.

The directions suggests that weights might be helpful. It is a fact. Don’t even try it without using them.

You might have to left click on your mouse on the picture for the details on each design.

. DSCF3571




Passap Lace with the Stitch Ditcher again

Acrylic with Angora yarn

Acrylic with Angora yarn

I tried another pattern and a different yarn with the stitch ditcher and the lace technique 253. I had this pretty yarn and thought it would come out beautiful but the pattern does not show as well as a finer plain yarn. I did try something on finishing the edges that works well. I only made this as a sample but will try it on the real scarf. The next picture shows the front of the scarf. I programmed the design on 32 stitches and then added three stitches for plain knitting on each end. I loosened the tension to 6 on the back bed and 4 on the front bed where the stitches drop off. I loosened the tension mast also.  Both edges look the same . However in the last picture ,  on the back I took another piece of the scarf yarn and used the latch tool to crochet up the edge on the purl side of the work. I did it quickly so it is not as neat as I would like it. Then I steamed it to see if it would work before going up the whole side. It lays much nicer and does not roll. Both sides look the same but feel different.  However, the yarn is scratchy on my neck so would not use this for a scarf.  Double mouse click on the last picture and you can see the difference.

Front Edges

Front Edges

Back side

Back side




Passap Doggie Blanket

Yardee's Doggie Blanket

Yardee’s Doggie Blanket

There is a Jack Russell dog called Yardee that lives on our street. When his owner drove up the street and stopped to talk to me Yardee was sitting like a human in the passenger seat with a seat belt on. He did not growl, bark or try to get up. He just looked at us. I noticed dog hair on the seat and decided to make Yardee a seat cover so his hair stays on the blanket and it can be washed.

I am not happy with the dog paws and have to redo them though you can tell what they are and Yardee won’t care!

I used 150 stitches and technique 183 . The pattern is 109 rows (436 total). I like the size which is 24 by 29. I could even go smaller if I wanted to cover just the seat. I used TD 5 and 224 yarn. The colors are black and grey .

I am thinking of selling them in my Etsy store  with just the paw prints and then extra if I personalize them with the dogs name.

Awhile back I made a red one with black paw prints to use as fabric for a dog coat but the paws were too big so I use it in my red car for a seat cover instead. It draws chuckles every time someone sees it.

Passap Lace Using Stitch Ditcher


My friend Susan just bought a passap DM80 and I teased her that she will have to go out and buy a stitch ditcher. Well, tonight I went back to the passap and tried the lace using the stitch ditcher and this is better than doing lace on a Brother with the lace carriage. It is so easy. My only problem is that my shoulder starts to hurt pushing the carriage with only one hand while the other is pushing the stitch ditcher.

I only used one strand of 224. I did a circular cast on. Then transferred all stitches to the back bed. I selected the needles and the settings are LX/N without back bed pushers. I used TD 5.. on back bed and 2… on front bed. I programmed the pattern on 27- and 27+ but added three stitches on each side that I just wanted the machine to knit. The pattern is 1130 and the technique is 253. I ended up getting 8 rows to the inch and 7.27 stitches to the inch. I would like it if I did not have to steam the scarf afterwards but don’t know what else to do to finish the edges. Once I steamed the edges though, they stayed and did not roll. I want to try a looser tension and a different yarn to see if the edges roll. Too much to crochet around the outer edges for me! Might try to figure out doing a rib on each end so it looks nicer.


Tell Me Your Knitting Room Does Not Get Like This!

Knitting room Before

OMG! It finally got to me! Between trying the carpet stitch on the passap and then slippers on the 940 and now going to the Bulky I could not go on until I straightened up.  And now I feel better. Especially since I found a set of orange strippers on the floor, my extra two weights for the passap, my longest passap comb and MOST of all, the lace carriage for the 965i that I sold!!! Finding the lace carriage was worth making the mess to find it! lol

Now here’s the after picture and I can now go off to work with a good feeling. It will be a never ending job still organizing patterns and books but that is okay. The winter time will be here before you know it. 🙂



Stitch Ditcher on the Passap Machine

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Top of Stitch Ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher

Bottom of stitch ditcher



OMG I love this little gadget! I like the carpet stitch but when I posted the carpet stitch in my blog I was using a straight edge piece of plastic to release the stitches each time I had to dump the stitches . It took awhile to do but not unreasonably long. Well…..until I tried this little guy! It just glides over the bed one two three!! I had to try a sample just to see how it works. I used a pattern in the passap book but I did not do the larger loops. I think you can still see the effect. I hope to do the carpet stitch jacket and this will get my you know what in gear. My friend Jacqui was really nice to let me know she saw one on ebay. Thank you Jacqui!!!

Doing the Kitchener Stitch on the Knitting Machine

Of all the years I have been making socks, I can’t believe I did not think of this or see it somewhere- doing the grafting of toe stitches on the machine. I was making a pair of my slipper socks for someone and sometimes I like to do hand work  while watching tv and sometimes I don’t. Last night was one of those ” don’t want to do hand work moods”.When I was getting ready to take the stitches off the machine it hit me to try to do this. I took one half of the toe stitches off on waste yarn. Then I took the remaining stitches off on a garter bar to turn the stitches around so both edges would be RIGHT sides together. It was so easy and I see myself getting faster and faster. The start is much easier and you don’t have to dig for the last stitch when you come to the end. I have only done this two times but I found out that it is easier if you put a ribber cover on ribber needles so thread does not catch. Also, when you go up through the needle on the main bed and get ready to go into the back of the next one on the main bed, I took the stitch off the end needle before going into the back of the next stitch. I don’t think the end result is bad.
Left double click on each picture to see a close up. Sorry for the quality of pictures but I was up late and the lighting was not co operating!

picture # 1

picture # 2

picture # 2

DSCF3417 copy

picture # 4

picture # 4

picture# 5

picture# 5

picture # 6

picture # 6

Second Pair I grafted on the Machine

Second Pair I grafted on the Machine

I tried this again and yes, I was faster and this is my way to go from now on!


Felted Clog Slippers with a Sunflower


I am trying to fill my Etsy store for the Holidays so I made a pair of the felted slippers again. I needle felted the sunflower on the left foot and then I was just going to put a leaf on the other foot and it looked funny. So I just made another smaller one to distinguish the left foot from the right one. I needle felted this design a long time ago on a purse. I paid for the design from Dreamstime web site.

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