Felted Christmas Bells

felted christmas  bell

I found a pattern for a bell in Kay Furfaro’s book called Knittin’ Misc. August of 1985 first printing. I knitted it in worsted weight (Bulky Machine) and then decided to knit it in wool and felt it. I took the same stitches and everything else and just put the tension at tension 8 so the bell would come out bigger for felting. The pattern starts with a quick weaving cast on with 33 stitches.  Knit 6 rows, do picots, knit 7 rows and hang a hem. Knit 20 rows , transfer every other stitch and put those empty needles out of work and knit two rows and take off on yarn end.  My idea is to do some felting designs and a bow at the top. When I finished sewing the bell up from the bottom up, I tied the sewing yarn to the yarn that gathers the top stitches. I then crocheted two strands together for 11 stitches for the hanger. I then brought the longer piece to the inside and crocheted until the strand ran out. that is for the little ball . I am going to roll up the ends and stitch to form the ball. Of course, some have to be cut shorter first. I used my table tob felter to do these. It is a beautiful sunny day and I hung them out to dry.


  1. Susan Said:

    Hey they look cool !!! You lost me with “bringing the longer piece to the inside” (was that something you tied on to the piece you seamed with?)How big did they end up being? Thanks for yet another creative idea!

    • Thank you! When I start the bell I leave a piece long enough to sew up the side and a little more for the hangar part. When I finish the bell and take off on a bodkin, I leave a much longer piece before cutting to remove from the machine for the inside hanging clapper. When I finish sewing the side I tie those two together and crochet the hangar with two strands of the yarn. Then I let go of the shorter one and take the long one inside the bell and crochet until I run out of cord.
      Okay, so have I confused you?
      The bell is 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the rim.
      Carol 🙂

  2. Linda Lanese Said:

    Very cute 🙂

  3. Charlene Said:

    What a beautiful decorative idea. It would make a nifty “garland” on a fire place, over windows, around a tree, down a staircase, or who knows what other ideas would present themselves.

  4. pam Said:

    Could you give more information on your table top felter? Size, cost, where purchased, etc. Is it electric? I am very interested in getting something to felt in besides my washing machine. Thanks, pam

    • Hi Pam, I can’t remember where I bought it but Amazon.com has it for $69.00. I think I paid a little more. If you go to Amazon just search for portable washers. It is called Wonder Washer. If you go to July 2012 in my blog you can see a close up picture of it. I also posted it before that but can’t find the post. I have so many it would take a long time to look for it.
      Just email if you have any other questions.
      Carol 🙂

      • pam Said:

        Thank you

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