Passap Wine Bottle Cover #5


Here is another wine bottle cover. If anyone wants the cut file to make this, just email me. I had this one come out perfect the first time. I cast on 60 stitches. The pattern is 28 rows(x 4=112 rows) plus four plain rows at the beginning and the end. Total of 120 rows. I used TD 4.    I took off on waste yarn circularly and rehung the stitches on 40 stitches. I knit ten rows of stockinette at tension 4…     I took off on waste yarn again and decreased to 28 stitches. Here is where I hand knitted the first row loosely. I then knit 19 more rows at TD 5   I changed to green yarn and knit 20 more rows of stockinette stitch at TD 6 and then took off on waste yarn.  You will rehang the 28 stitches by starting with the stitches right after the red stitches. If you hold your work right side facing and slightly pull the fabric widthwise you will see the purl stitch of the first row of green. You will hang these on the needles first followed by the last row of green on the ravel cord. Bind off both sets of stitches loosely. On the one row where I hand knitted loosely, you will see little holes to thread the green cord through for a bow. I just crocheted a cord with the latch tool to get it this small.

This pattern is the same snowflake pattern on the previous wine covers but I added the ornament. I wanted to do three colors but will have to do a tension swatch for that.


  1. BJ Said:

    sorry I couldn’t find your email, I would like this cut file please bj4crafts at hotmail

  2. Lillan Said:

    I like this one and should like to have the cut file

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