Bulky Machine Wine Bottle Cover



I took the pattern for a hand knitted wine bottle cover from Red Heart Yarns and converted it to machine knitted pattern. They sure don’t look the same! lol

I think because I had to tighten the tension and use less stitches  so that I could get the same amount of cables  is the reason why it looks different. I used Red Heart super saver yarn. It is funny how the cables give the illusion that it is on a square bottle. I originally started with the idea of leaving the bottom  open so that I could go tighter on the rib. It turned out that I can get the bottle in through the top or the bottom!

It was very difficult to cross the cables so I took an extra  piece of yarn and hand knitted those stitches back after crossing the cables so that it was easier on the needles and the machine when I knitted the next row. I did that for all four cables and you can see how the back looked after doing this by looking at the second picture. I carried that extra piece of yarn up vertically. It can also be done horizontally . I am wondering now if I had done the cables on the ribber if the crossing of cables would have been easier.

I need to add a duplicate stitch design in between the cables so this does not look so plain.  If you want to try this here is how I did it.

Td-5  , Mast at loosest setting. E wrap cast on(or weaving cast on for gathering stitches ) 4o stitches plus two for seaming. For the needle set up you will have three knit stitches on each end and four sets of cables with four stitches in between.

Knit48 rows crossing cables every six rows starting with row 6. Decrease 10 stitches across the bed  and move needles in and then knit four rows at TD 4. Transfer stitches for 2X1 rib . Knit 48 rows starting at tension 3 and ending with tension 5./5.   I threaded a piece of yarn around the bottom stitches and gathered and tied since I was able to get the bottle in from the top.  Next time I would start with weaving cast on.

The hand knitting version can be found at www.redheart.com

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