Another wine bottle cozy


I’m glad I made another one of these wine bottle cozies. On this one I used 59 stitches and knit 124 rows of pattern which was 31 rows. I used a tension of 4. but it came out a little shorter. I steamed it on the bottle and smoothed it downwards at the same time. So on this one I could have used about 34 rows for the pattern.  When I finished the design on the other one I transferred eos to the next stitch on both beds  and then transferred the bottom stitches to the top leaving four stitches on each needle. I then took off on waste yarn to rehang the stitches. On this one I took off all the stitches circular . Then I hung two stitches on each needle from one side and then two stitches from the other side putting 4 stitches on each needle and it seemed faster. What I also forgot to mention is that when you rehang the piece, put the right side facing away from you to get the next rows knit instead of purl. It is not a big deal if you don’t since the turtleneck covers those rows.  And…..I forgot to do the last row of rib on the looser tension to latch tool bind off so I bound off around two needles and it is still not as loose as I like it. So, I might not decrease as many stitches after the pattern and see what happens. I am thinking of decreasing every third stitch. I did not want to do  a tension swatch for three colors so I had the extra two colors in the eyelets and when I got to the rows for the scarf and the hat, I just used those colors as color number two. I had to duplicate stitch the buttons (have to redo because I am one stitch off and they are not even. Only did two for the picture) and the eyes. I could also use beads but I think I am going to felt little tiny black balls with my ball felter and it will look cuter. Oh, and my snowman is too high up. I did not do the extra plain rows but I could have since it was a little shorter. Oh well, I am still trying to get it right. 🙂


  1. pam Said:

    I am curious about your ball felter. Would you please tell us more- a brand, where to buy, a photo perhaps?

    Thank you, pam

  2. anne Said:

    I love all your pojects great ideas.
    I only have a bro. bulky

    • Hi Anne, Thank you. I am now getting ready to convert a hand pattern wine bottle cover for the Bulky Machine. This will be right up your alley. I have to figure tension swatch first and then it will be done in a 4 ply yarn. It has cables and is a Red Heart Pattern. You might have seen it already.
      Carol 🙂 Stay tuned……

    • Hi again, The Brother Bulky is great for doing the felted slippers and they are really nice! There is a free pattern for them .
      Carol 🙂

  3. Deanna Said:

    Do you have a chart for any of these patterns? I only hand knit and would love to make some of these!

    • Hi Deanna, you will have to come to my house for them since I have so many. lol Will private message you. Carol 🙂

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