Passap Wine Bottle Cover

dbfairislewinebottlecozy1 dbfairislewinebottlecozy2

This is my first attempt at a wine bottle cover that is not felted . I used the Passap E6000 machine. I used pattern 1263 and technique 183 which is double bed fair isle. I cast on 62 stitches using N/N-Td 2, CX rows -TD 3, and N/N row- TD4..

I used two strands of 224 for each color. I knitted two repeats of the pattern. On the beginning and ending four rows I put all the pushers out of work to cancel the pattern so that I had solid red to start and finish.  When I finished the pattern I transferred every other stich on both beds. Then I took the front bed stitches and transferred to the back bed. There are now 4 stitches on each needle. I took off on waste yarn and rehung on the back bed.  I hand knit the first row and then did five more rows totaling six rows of stockinette stitch . I then transferred stitches to 2×1 ribbing and knit 60 rows. I knit the first 20 rows of rib at 5 , the second 20 rows at 5. and the last 20 rows at 5..  I then transferred all stitches to the back bed and bound off the stitches. There is no bottom on this but I did run a very thin layer of elastic to hold the edges to the bottle. I have tons of elastic that they used to sell for the bottom of sweater hems when knitting with cotton. It is thinner than dental floss.

At first I tried single bed fair isle and it had too many floats. I also had to do the neck twice since I was making it up as I knitted. The first attempt, I used a tighter tension thinking  that it would come out too big. Wrong. I ripped back and rehung and did tension 5, 5. and 5.. and it is good. It could be a little looser even.

So now that I have my pattern,  here is what I would do differently. I would either use 2 stitches less or tighten the tension by one dot. I would knit the rib the same but I would take it off circular and knit one stitch through the next for a little looser bind off. ( I did get a chance to use the Information about binding off on the passap with a latch tool. I was knitting on the back bed and I pulled the needles on the front bed up all the way and bound off using those like sinker posts like the Brother Machines.)  I would also add about 4 more rows and you would probably not need the elastic.  I lightly steamed this while it was on the bottle !

I did take two pictures of this because you will see more of the whole pattern. Now I have to get going in DAK and design some Christmas motifs since I did my tension swatch and pattern. Have fun if you try this. It adds a nice touch when giving wine as gifts during the holidays and you won’t have to buy the cozy if you make it. :).


  1. Jan b Said:

    Looks awesome! You are really cookin on the passap

    • Thanks, I understand from Vicki that you are the pro on that machine! 🙂

  2. please send wine bottle patterns Said:


    • Hi Mary, I sent them to you. 🙂

      • please send wine bottle patterns Said:

        I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THEM ???????????

      • Wait about 15 minutes . I sent from my email address and not from this blog page. If you still don’t get them, check your spam. Then email me back again.
        Carol 🙂

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