I’m Back!!!!… with a Turtleneck Cardigan

I have been doing yard work and enjoying the summer and that is why I have been gone from my blog so long.
I made some baby stroller blankets and while winding yarn I saw this free pattern on a stack of books and I thought I would try it. It was a free hand knitted pattern by Moda Dea that I think I picked up at the Joann fabric store. It must have been awhile ago because the yarn it is made out of is discontinued. It was called Gleam. I did a tension swatch and tried to get close to the pattern gauge. This was so fast to knit the fronts, back and the sleeves. I decided to finish around the front and bottom edges the way the pattern said before I went any further. I used wool and sometimes it curls on the edges. Not so with this. I loved how it was done. You pick up stitches along the front, bottom and other front on a size 10 circular 29 inch needle( that I did have! Yay) You knit one row of K1P1. Then you bind it off. Then you take a size J crochet hook (that I did have! Yay) and crochet around the whole edge and then tie off. After I steamed the edges, they lay completely flat and don’t turn. Nice tip for my future sweaters. Now don’t laugh. It took me longer to pick up the stitches and do this edging than it did to knit the fronts and back on the machine!
I did re do the sleeve pattern part because it was a little too wide at the underarm. Ordinarily I would use 18 inches at my widest point(for a 9.5 inch opening) before decreasing for the sleeve cap. I reworked it to 17 inches and it came out perfect for me. I don’t know that I like the feel of the wool around my neck but will definitely wear a turtleneck under this. Hope I am not too hot. I may try another one in acrylic yarn. If anyone wants the free pattern from Mod Dea just email me.
By the way, the reason I used wool was because I had it in stock (It took 15.6 ounces) and I was afraid I would lose my followers if I did not knit something!!! No washing of the tension swatch. Oh lazy me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Linda Lanese Said:

    Wow carol! Your sweater is so chic ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Joyce Fazio Said:

    I LOVE the look of the cardigan, and would appreciate a copy of the pattern. What you did around the edges is brilliant.

    • I will send you the pattern. But brilliant I am not. It was in the free pattern. lol

  3. Mary Ruegg Said:

    I would also love to have this pattern and you did a great job. I just want to try as well. thank you Mary

  4. L Cham Said:

    That is something I would like to try.ย  I am a beginner but I like the sweater.ย  Please email the free pattern.ย  Thank you, Leola


  5. Susan McBean Said:

    I love it ! Especially the nice touch of the petuniasย ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย ย  Is that turtle neck all the way around or does it open with the cardigan.ย  It is really quite snappy ! I ended up buying that Passap….even though it didn’t have punch cards.ย  I will figure it out !ย  Picking it up in VT on Saturday morning. Got to rearrange my “studio” now to fit it in to my decor !ย ย  Thanks, Susan

    • Hi Susan, I sent a private email to you. The turtleneck goes all the way around. I did sew it down to the seam so it does not hug my neck. Might be too hot but winter will let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nancy Said:

    Finally a sweater different enough that my 18 yr. old granddaughter would love. How do I email you to get the free pattern?

    • I will send it to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have your email.

      • Ginny Said:

        Wow I love this pattern. Will you please send me the pattern?I hope to make one for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

  7. Marilyn Neil Said:

    I would love this turtleneck cardigan, as I am always cold, and this looks so dressy. Marilyn

  8. Hannah Said:

    This cardigan is very stylish. Love it. Please may I have the pattern?

  9. threadlady Said:

    Thank you, I would love the pattern.

    Loving is doing, Judy Morin threadlady

  10. jan b Said:

    i love the sweater nice job!! i would love the pattern:-)

  11. Ginny Said:

    Beautiful! I would like to make one for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas. May I please have the pattern.

  12. Sherry P Said:

    I, too, would love this pattern! I’ve been looking for one that curved at the bottom. Thank you. Sherry

  13. Gina Said:

    I just found this blog and I love this sweater. Would love the pattern.

  14. Martha Said:

    Could I also get a copy of the pattern? Thank you!

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