Holy Mimosa!


My husband’s mimosa tree is in full bloom now. Two years ago I let one start growing in my front yard. It takes awhile before you get flowers. I was walking back home with my dog and I noticed ONE flower on my tree! lol I wanted to share it with you along with another plant called Bears Britches. It is in full bloom now. It looks like it has prickers on it but the foliage is very soft and the deer don’t eat it!

My one mimosa flower

My one mimosa flower

Bears Britches

Bears Britches





  1. Vicki Herman Said:

    Beautiful Carol!

  2. Nancy Gonzalez Said:

    Hello. Your flowers are beautiful. If this works can I please get a copy of the pattern for the turtleneck cardigan? It will be perfect for my granddaughter who only likes unusual. Thank you, in advance, Nancy


    • Hi Nancy, I sent the pattern. Let me know if you don’t get it. Carol 🙂

  3. Joyce Fazio Said:

    Mimosa’s are so beautiful. My favorite aunt loved them too, and her tree was a beauty.

  4. Joyce Fazio Said:

    Oops! I meant to say “Thank you” for the sweater pattern. Adapting it to the E6000 will probably be a challenge for me, but a good exercise in getting acquainted with the machine ^!^

  5. aaltje Said:

    Gorgeous flowers! I think you will have many buzzing visitors.
    I’d like to have the pattern and try to make it on passap.

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