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Felted Christmas Bells

felted christmas  bell

I found a pattern for a bell in Kay Furfaro’s book called Knittin’ Misc. August of 1985 first printing. I knitted it in worsted weight (Bulky Machine) and then decided to knit it in wool and felt it. I took the same stitches and everything else and just put the tension at tension 8 so the bell would come out bigger for felting. The pattern starts with a quick weaving cast on with 33 stitches.  Knit 6 rows, do picots, knit 7 rows and hang a hem. Knit 20 rows , transfer every other stitch and put those empty needles out of work and knit two rows and take off on yarn end.  My idea is to do some felting designs and a bow at the top. When I finished sewing the bell up from the bottom up, I tied the sewing yarn to the yarn that gathers the top stitches. I then crocheted two strands together for 11 stitches for the hanger. I then brought the longer piece to the inside and crocheted until the strand ran out. that is for the little ball . I am going to roll up the ends and stitch to form the ball. Of course, some have to be cut shorter first. I used my table tob felter to do these. It is a beautiful sunny day and I hung them out to dry.

Passap Wine Bottle Cover #5


Here is another wine bottle cover. If anyone wants the cut file to make this, just email me. I had this one come out perfect the first time. I cast on 60 stitches. The pattern is 28 rows(x 4=112 rows) plus four plain rows at the beginning and the end. Total of 120 rows. I used TD 4.    I took off on waste yarn circularly and rehung the stitches on 40 stitches. I knit ten rows of stockinette at tension 4…     I took off on waste yarn again and decreased to 28 stitches. Here is where I hand knitted the first row loosely. I then knit 19 more rows at TD 5   I changed to green yarn and knit 20 more rows of stockinette stitch at TD 6 and then took off on waste yarn.  You will rehang the 28 stitches by starting with the stitches right after the red stitches. If you hold your work right side facing and slightly pull the fabric widthwise you will see the purl stitch of the first row of green. You will hang these on the needles first followed by the last row of green on the ravel cord. Bind off both sets of stitches loosely. On the one row where I hand knitted loosely, you will see little holes to thread the green cord through for a bow. I just crocheted a cord with the latch tool to get it this small.

This pattern is the same snowflake pattern on the previous wine covers but I added the ornament. I wanted to do three colors but will have to do a tension swatch for that.

Bulky Machine Wine Bottle Cover



I took the pattern for a hand knitted wine bottle cover from Red Heart Yarns and converted it to machine knitted pattern. They sure don’t look the same! lol

I think because I had to tighten the tension and use less stitches  so that I could get the same amount of cables  is the reason why it looks different. I used Red Heart super saver yarn. It is funny how the cables give the illusion that it is on a square bottle. I originally started with the idea of leaving the bottom  open so that I could go tighter on the rib. It turned out that I can get the bottle in through the top or the bottom!

It was very difficult to cross the cables so I took an extra  piece of yarn and hand knitted those stitches back after crossing the cables so that it was easier on the needles and the machine when I knitted the next row. I did that for all four cables and you can see how the back looked after doing this by looking at the second picture. I carried that extra piece of yarn up vertically. It can also be done horizontally . I am wondering now if I had done the cables on the ribber if the crossing of cables would have been easier.

I need to add a duplicate stitch design in between the cables so this does not look so plain.  If you want to try this here is how I did it.

Td-5  , Mast at loosest setting. E wrap cast on(or weaving cast on for gathering stitches ) 4o stitches plus two for seaming. For the needle set up you will have three knit stitches on each end and four sets of cables with four stitches in between.

Knit48 rows crossing cables every six rows starting with row 6. Decrease 10 stitches across the bed  and move needles in and then knit four rows at TD 4. Transfer stitches for 2X1 rib . Knit 48 rows starting at tension 3 and ending with tension 5./5.   I threaded a piece of yarn around the bottom stitches and gathered and tied since I was able to get the bottle in from the top.  Next time I would start with weaving cast on.

The hand knitting version can be found at

Passap Wine Bottle Covers for Christmas


I made two more wine bottle covers. You are probably wondering why. I have a woman that is a wine collector and she bought a ton of wine bottle covers last year from me so I am trying to come up with different styles. I made these two with the same pattern but different colors. The pattern is from Pat Cook Designs Christmas set -25 designs for duo 80 and 6000 machines. It had a total of 36 rosw(X 4=142) and it was a little too long. I would not do any design now over 32 rows. When I took these off to rehang and saw that they were a little longer I shortened the rib by 20 rows and that helped. On the red one I did the rib looser starting at tension 5 and I like it better.

Another wine bottle cozy


I’m glad I made another one of these wine bottle cozies. On this one I used 59 stitches and knit 124 rows of pattern which was 31 rows. I used a tension of 4. but it came out a little shorter. I steamed it on the bottle and smoothed it downwards at the same time. So on this one I could have used about 34 rows for the pattern.  When I finished the design on the other one I transferred eos to the next stitch on both beds  and then transferred the bottom stitches to the top leaving four stitches on each needle. I then took off on waste yarn to rehang the stitches. On this one I took off all the stitches circular . Then I hung two stitches on each needle from one side and then two stitches from the other side putting 4 stitches on each needle and it seemed faster. What I also forgot to mention is that when you rehang the piece, put the right side facing away from you to get the next rows knit instead of purl. It is not a big deal if you don’t since the turtleneck covers those rows.  And…..I forgot to do the last row of rib on the looser tension to latch tool bind off so I bound off around two needles and it is still not as loose as I like it. So, I might not decrease as many stitches after the pattern and see what happens. I am thinking of decreasing every third stitch. I did not want to do  a tension swatch for three colors so I had the extra two colors in the eyelets and when I got to the rows for the scarf and the hat, I just used those colors as color number two. I had to duplicate stitch the buttons (have to redo because I am one stitch off and they are not even. Only did two for the picture) and the eyes. I could also use beads but I think I am going to felt little tiny black balls with my ball felter and it will look cuter. Oh, and my snowman is too high up. I did not do the extra plain rows but I could have since it was a little shorter. Oh well, I am still trying to get it right. 🙂

Correction of Wine Bottle Cover Instructions

I made a mistake in the directions for anyone that is going to do this. I only followed the pattern once to completion. In other words. I knitted 28 rows of pattern and for each row you knit four rows so the total rows were 112 and I would knit 4 rows plain at beginning and end for total of 120 rows. Sorry:(

Passap Wine Bottle Cover

dbfairislewinebottlecozy1 dbfairislewinebottlecozy2

This is my first attempt at a wine bottle cover that is not felted . I used the Passap E6000 machine. I used pattern 1263 and technique 183 which is double bed fair isle. I cast on 62 stitches using N/N-Td 2, CX rows -TD 3, and N/N row- TD4..

I used two strands of 224 for each color. I knitted two repeats of the pattern. On the beginning and ending four rows I put all the pushers out of work to cancel the pattern so that I had solid red to start and finish.  When I finished the pattern I transferred every other stich on both beds. Then I took the front bed stitches and transferred to the back bed. There are now 4 stitches on each needle. I took off on waste yarn and rehung on the back bed.  I hand knit the first row and then did five more rows totaling six rows of stockinette stitch . I then transferred stitches to 2×1 ribbing and knit 60 rows. I knit the first 20 rows of rib at 5 , the second 20 rows at 5. and the last 20 rows at 5..  I then transferred all stitches to the back bed and bound off the stitches. There is no bottom on this but I did run a very thin layer of elastic to hold the edges to the bottle. I have tons of elastic that they used to sell for the bottom of sweater hems when knitting with cotton. It is thinner than dental floss.

At first I tried single bed fair isle and it had too many floats. I also had to do the neck twice since I was making it up as I knitted. The first attempt, I used a tighter tension thinking  that it would come out too big. Wrong. I ripped back and rehung and did tension 5, 5. and 5.. and it is good. It could be a little looser even.

So now that I have my pattern,  here is what I would do differently. I would either use 2 stitches less or tighten the tension by one dot. I would knit the rib the same but I would take it off circular and knit one stitch through the next for a little looser bind off. ( I did get a chance to use the Information about binding off on the passap with a latch tool. I was knitting on the back bed and I pulled the needles on the front bed up all the way and bound off using those like sinker posts like the Brother Machines.)  I would also add about 4 more rows and you would probably not need the elastic.  I lightly steamed this while it was on the bottle !

I did take two pictures of this because you will see more of the whole pattern. Now I have to get going in DAK and design some Christmas motifs since I did my tension swatch and pattern. Have fun if you try this. It adds a nice touch when giving wine as gifts during the holidays and you won’t have to buy the cozy if you make it. :).

Holy Mimosa!


My husband’s mimosa tree is in full bloom now. Two years ago I let one start growing in my front yard. It takes awhile before you get flowers. I was walking back home with my dog and I noticed ONE flower on my tree! lol I wanted to share it with you along with another plant called Bears Britches. It is in full bloom now. It looks like it has prickers on it but the foliage is very soft and the deer don’t eat it!

My one mimosa flower

My one mimosa flower

Bears Britches

Bears Britches




I’m Back!!!!… with a Turtleneck Cardigan

I have been doing yard work and enjoying the summer and that is why I have been gone from my blog so long.
I made some baby stroller blankets and while winding yarn I saw this free pattern on a stack of books and I thought I would try it. It was a free hand knitted pattern by Moda Dea that I think I picked up at the Joann fabric store. It must have been awhile ago because the yarn it is made out of is discontinued. It was called Gleam. I did a tension swatch and tried to get close to the pattern gauge. This was so fast to knit the fronts, back and the sleeves. I decided to finish around the front and bottom edges the way the pattern said before I went any further. I used wool and sometimes it curls on the edges. Not so with this. I loved how it was done. You pick up stitches along the front, bottom and other front on a size 10 circular 29 inch needle( that I did have! Yay) You knit one row of K1P1. Then you bind it off. Then you take a size J crochet hook (that I did have! Yay) and crochet around the whole edge and then tie off. After I steamed the edges, they lay completely flat and don’t turn. Nice tip for my future sweaters. Now don’t laugh. It took me longer to pick up the stitches and do this edging than it did to knit the fronts and back on the machine!
I did re do the sleeve pattern part because it was a little too wide at the underarm. Ordinarily I would use 18 inches at my widest point(for a 9.5 inch opening) before decreasing for the sleeve cap. I reworked it to 17 inches and it came out perfect for me. I don’t know that I like the feel of the wool around my neck but will definitely wear a turtleneck under this. Hope I am not too hot. I may try another one in acrylic yarn. If anyone wants the free pattern from Mod Dea just email me.
By the way, the reason I used wool was because I had it in stock (It took 15.6 ounces) and I was afraid I would lose my followers if I did not knit something!!! No washing of the tension swatch. Oh lazy me. 🙂