Passap Technique “No Neaten” Buttonholes by KC Knits



My favorite buttonhole band is by Thelma Viers . However, I found this article in News & Views April of 1994, Volume 23 and just had to try it . It is for the passap machine. I can live with the look of this and it is so fast and finished when it comes off the machine. However, I don’t know if I did it right. lol

The instructions start with CX/CX cast on. You knit both beds CX circular until you start the buttonhole. This amount of rows would be the half of the width of your band. (This is done horizontally. You can also do this vertically) In this case it was 6 rows and then do buttonholes and finish with six rows. The handle is up by the way so stitches are opposite one another. You take four stitches for the buttonhole from the bottom bed and put on the opposite needles on the top bed. Two stitches on each needle. Now you take a piece of the same yarn and take off the four stitches on top bed with two stitches on each. That leaves 8 empty stitches on the bed-4 on top and 4 on bottom. Then it says to fill up the empty needles. You take the purl stitches from the end needles next to the empty ones and place them onto the empty needles. That fills in 4 stitches but there are 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom that are not filled. So here is the part I don’t get.

It says “Stay with me now. You know that piece of yarn that you took the eight stitches off with, get an end of it, the longer end. Make a stitch, not just a loop, on all eight stitches (the ones with the purl stitches, too). Zigzag across the bed, make a stitch on one bed then cross over to the other and back again. I like to twist the stitches after I’m done. You don’t have to do this but I think it makes a neater buttonhole.”

Okay, how do you make a stitch on an empty needle with one strand of yarn if it says not to just loop it?  When you get done with the zig zag row, both ends of the yarn are on the right side of the machine. You tie and cut the ends(not real close)

I took the band off with waste yarn , each bed separately so I could attach to a side of a sweater like I did in the picture.

I will next show the Thelma Viers buttonholes doing it on the passap. I know how to do it on the Brother but this will be a challenge for me.  After that I will do a Betty Fergusson buttonhole for a neater finish if I can do it on the passap also.

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